Keep Homes and Offices Safe with Secureye ST-IP-DM-001 2MP Security Camera

Keep Homes and Offices Safe with Secureye ST-IP-DM-001 2MP Security Camera

Secureye manufactures state-of-the-art security cameras that are built to provide optimum security to users. Secureye ST-IP-DM-001 Security Camera is one of the most advanced camera and fulfils all surveillance needs. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this camera sets new standards in the realm of security systems.

The ST-IP-DM-001 is designed to provide exceptional clarity and detail in every frame. Its high-definition 2MP lens captures sharp images and videos, allowing you to see every important detail clearly. Equipped with advanced infrared night vision, the ST-IP-DM-001 offers round-the-clock surveillance. Even in pitch-black darkness, its infrared sensors enable clear visibility, ensuring that your premises are protected at all times.

One of the standout features of the ST-IP-DM-001 is its intelligent motion detection technology. With its sophisticated algorithms, the camera can accurately detect and analyze movements. You can rest assured that the camera will capture every significant event, giving you a comprehensive view of any potential threats or suspicious activities. The camera ensures the utmost security of your footage through robust encryption protocols.

Key features of Secureye ST-IP-DM-001 Security Camera


  • Resolution up to 2MP(1920×1080@25fps)

  • Built-in human detection algorithm, support human detection in complex environments

  • Supports low bit rate and low latency

  • H.265 efficient compression, saving bandwidth and storage space

  • Support smart IR, prevent infrared overexposure at night

  • ICR infrared filter-type automatic switching for real day and night monitoring

  • Support built-in PoE, TF card slot, audio, alarm

  • Support 3D digital noise reduction

  • Support automatic electronic shutter function to adapt to different monitoring environments

  • Support ONVIF, SLINK protocol

Connectivity Port

  • PoE: Built-in PoE

  • TF Card Slot: Up to 256G, Micro SD (EXT3/EXT4) card local storage

  • Audio: Built-in MIC & Speaker

  • Alarm: 1 in 1 out

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