Get Ready for Holi Beats: UBON Launches Dynamic Wireless Speakers with Mic

Get Ready for Holi Beats: UBON Launches Dynamic Wireless Speakers with Mic

UBON proudly announces the launch of its dynamic range of multimedia wireless speakers with a mic, especially for this Holi Season. This series encompasses versatile heavy-duty speakers suitable for your Holi parties, occasions, or just a random meet and greet evening.

The UBON Holi series includes the UBON HT 1540 trolley speaker with a mic and RGB Lights, UBON HT 1550 tower speaker with two mics and an LED display, and UBON HT 1520 tower speaker with 2 mic inputs and RGB light. The blend of modern design and extensive features is what today's generation looks for in a product.

UBON HT 1550 Music Blaster wireless speakers come with 70 watts of sound output and 2 woofers of 8 inches, giving you a wholesome party vibe with deep bass. The funky design of the speakers, due to RGB light with dimensions of 28X13 inches and an LED display, makes it stand out from other tower speakers. Two wireless mics and 12000 PMPO make it a value-for-money purchase at just Rs. 24,999/- only. These speakers come with Bluetooth version 5.0.

UBON HT 1540 multimedia wireless trolley speakers come with impressive audio and the feature of RGB lights. Equipped with a 12-inch woofer, LED display, and powerful 60-watt output, the speakers' dimensions are 10X15 inches. These speakers are perfect for karaoke as they come with a wireless mic and Bluetooth version 5.0 for seamless connectivity. The speakers, offering a 10000 Peak Music Power Output (PMPO), are being offered at just Rs. 15,999/-.

UBON HT 1520 party master wireless tower speakers are real masters with a classy look and LED Display on the top. With the V5.0 version of Bluetooth, users experience seamless connectivity with smartphones and two mics that come along with the speakers. Equipped with 40 watts of sound output, 2 woofers of 6.5 inches, and 5000 Peak Music Power Output (PMPO) audio output, the 22X10 inches speakers are now available at a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 12,999/- for the customers.

As the market continues to evolve, UBON remains dedicated to enhancing efficiency. This series is a testament to UBON's dedication to providing the best-in-class experience to its users. All the speakers in the series are equipped with features like USB Charging, a built-in microphone, and multiple connectivity options including USB Port, Micro TF/SD Card, and AUX. The speaker also boasts features like FM connectivity, so if you are bored of your existing playlist, you can easily switch to FM mode and tune into your favorite FM stations. Compatible and easily pairable with iPhone, Android devices, and laptops as well, this series of speakers promises unparalleled audio quality to boost the festive spirit.

"I am thrilled to unveil our latest innovation โ€“ Heavy Bass Speakers, just in time for Holi. This creation is not just about sound; it's a manifestation of our commitment to elevate celebrations. Embrace the resonance of joy as the deep bass echoes the spirit of Holi, transforming every gathering into an unforgettable sonic experience. Our Heavy Bass Speakers are not just speakers; they are a testament to the fusion of technology and celebration. This Holi, let the beats cascade, the bass throb, and the festivities resonate with the heart and soul of our brand," says Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-Founder at UBON.

This speaker range is now available for purchase at authorized UBON retailers and online stores only.

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