FUJIFILM Launches Palm-Sized INSTAX Pal Camera in India

FUJIFILM Launches Palm-Sized INSTAX Pal Camera in India

FUJIFILM India has launched the eye-catching and ultra-compact INSTAX Pal™ digital camera. The fantastic palm-sized digital camera joins the renowned INSTAX series of instant cameras & smartphone printers, allowing users to capture spontaneous moments and memories anytime and anywhere. Catering to modern and evolving needs, it is available in five exciting colors — Gem Black, Powder Pink, Pistachio Green, Lavender Blue and Milky White. This latest release is a step forward towards revolutionizing the instant camera industry by “Making Small Moments Feel Big”.

By removing the printing function, FUJIFILM India has shrunk the size of the all-new INSTAX Pal to fit in a palm, enabling better mobility. It also features a multi-use detachable ring for easier hold in hand and a better perspective while shooting or it can also serve as a stand for the PAL.

Speaking about the new launch, Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, said, “As the younger and upcoming generations embrace effortless and convenient photography to freeze timeless moments in their fast-paced lifestyle, they are looking for trendy options that match their vibe. Catering to this segment, the newly launched INSTAX Pal ensures that impressive photography fits in everyone’s hands which has been our mission with the INSTAX series for the past 25 years. It also enables users to preserve their beloved moments within their pockets with on-the-go printing. At FUJIFILM India, we are committed to making future-ready cameras that deliver pictures with unparalleled finesse.”

The remarkable Pal camera comes loaded with multiple features to make taking pictures in different situations easier and more fun. The Standard Mode, activated by pressing the shutter button on the rear panel, utilizes a wide-angle lens for unique shots from elevated positions or sharp angles. So, with just one hand, users can take rich, dynamic images with detailed backgrounds, which is often challenging for smartphones. Moreover, the Remote Mode connects the camera to a smartphone via Bluetooth, using a dedicated INSTAX Pal App, to remotely shoot selfies or group photos and view the clicks right as they are taken.

The interactive app also allows users to resize the photos in mini, Square or Wide formats and add emojis, stickers or text to the images. Additionally, the Interval Mode grabs a continuous series of photographs at a three-second interval. Supporting interconnectivity, the Pal can connect with INSTAX Link Printer Series - Mini Link 2, Wide Link and Square Link and other INSTAX cameras - Mini LiPlay and Mini EVO, enabling users to print clicked images as INSTAX prints in various sizes.

“As youngsters opt for convenience while capturing spontaneous moments of joy and happiness, FUJIFILM India is also innovating its INSTAX instant camera series to accommodate this shifting consumer preference. Our palm-sized and pocket-friendly INSTAX Pal camera is here to change the whole scenario of instant photography, turning it into a valuable part of the modern lifestyle. With its compact and versatile design, this camera will be your trusted companion for all future travel adventures, capturing the vivid moments of life on the go. As we celebrate 25 years of the INSTAX series, this latest release is the embodiment of today's photography standards, merging convenience with magnificent creativity”, said Mr. Arun Babu, Head of Digital Camera, INSTAX & Optical Devices Business, FUJIFILM India

The INSTAX Pal range starts from ₹10,999 and is currently available at the FUJIFILM India retail stores and website. Users also have the option to pair their INSTAX Pal with separate silicone cases that include a strap carabiner and a Link Mode switch, enabling quick photo printing using the INSTAX Link Series printers right after capturing the image.

This year, FUJIFILM India is celebrating 25 years of its INSTAX instant camera series, launched in 1998. Adapting to trends and tech, it grew from analog devices to hybrid cameras and smartphone printers. As the INSTAX series continues to evolve, FUJIFILM India is expanding its footprint in the instant camera market and setting new benchmarks in the photography realm.

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