FUJIFILM Launches INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 and Adds 'Brown' to INSTAX mini Evo Lineup

FUJIFILM Launches INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 and Adds 'Brown' to INSTAX mini Evo Lineup

FUJIFILM India is delighted to unveil two extraordinary additions to its INSTAX series: the INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 (SQ40) instant camera and the new "Brown" color variation of the INSTAX mini Evo. These new additions along with providing cutting-edge features, revive the classic charm of printing unforgettable memories. You can get a hold of this amazing instant camera ‘INSTAX SQUARE SQ40’ from 29th June 2023 onwards and priced at 16,999.

With its premium leather-look design, SQ40 analog instant camera captures the essence of classic elegance while providing modern functionality. As users hold the SQ40 in their hands, they are transported back to the era of cherished memories and treasured moments

The camera features the “Automatic Exposure” function, which achieves optimum exposure for a given scene by simply turning the lens barrel to turn on the camera, pointing the camera at the subject and pressing the shutter button. Users can also switch to the Selfie Mode for taking selfies and close-ups by simply rotating the lens barrel to turn the camera on and rotating the barrel again in the same direction. Such simple operations are all that are needed to bring joy to photography.

 The launch of the "Brown" color variation expands the mini-Evo’s user base, allowing individuals to select a camera that resonates with their personal style.

Speaking about the two exciting launches, Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, said, “FUJIFILM India is always striving to bring something new onboard, laced with advanced technology for their consumers. INSTAX series is personally very close to me as it is not only a technology but a way to feel emotions and relish memories in the future, it realizes my mission to keep the “culture of photography” alive for the younger generation. The launch of SQ40 will further strengthen our purpose of launching the INSTAX series. We also understand the changing demands of the consumers. To fulfill those demands we have also launched a brown version of INSTAX mini EVO, our flagship model of the INSTAX series, a hybrid instant camera incorporating digital technology and unlocking a world of infinite possibilities.”

The INSTAX series, lovingly referred to as "Cheki" in Japan, has been a beloved companion since its inception in 1998. Beyond the convenience of instant photo printing, these cameras have become powerful tools for self-expression and a medium through which emotions can be shared on the spot. With options ranging from card-sized "mini format" prints to "square format" prints and double-card-sized "wide format" prints, the INSTAX series caters to diverse photographic expressions

Mr. Arun Babu, Head of Digital Camera, Instax & Optical Devices Business, FUJIFILM India, said, “The best part of SQ40 is that its square format film not only captures the subject but also the surrounding atmosphere. From joyful group gatherings to breathtaking landscapes, the new instant camera can do it all. Especially, the 1:1 aspect ratio and creative compositions turn ordinary scenes into evocative works of art. Besides, we have also launched mini Evo in another color brown so that diverse styles can be suited.”

FUJIFILM remains steadfast in expanding the "INSTAX" instant photo system, allowing people to revisit cherished memories and forge emotional connections in an instant moment.

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