FUJIFILM India Introduces “FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm” Zoom Lens

FUJIFILM India Introduces “FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm” Zoom Lens

FUJIFILM India, a pioneer in Imaging technology, has released the impressive “FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm” Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens. The latest addition in the Duvo Series of portable zoom lenses features a drive unit, Native super 35 & Full Frame with 1.5x expander. The dual format lens supports two types of large-image sensors, specializing in shallow depth-of-field and beautiful bokeh.

Following the footprints of “Fujifilm’s Duvo HZK25-1000mm Cinema Box Lens” — FUJIFILM India’s first Duvo Series lens — Duvo Portable 24-300mm delivers 12.5x zoom and covers a focal range of 24-300mm (frequently used on live sets). Additionally, the built-in 1.5x expander shifts the focal length by 1.5 times to 36mm-450mm which will allow users to capture far-away subjects in a desirable field-of-view. Furthermore, in Duvo 24-300mm, out-of-focus areas naturally fall into the background which produces a highly sought-after cinematic look with beautiful textures and bokeh, allowing the storyteller to naturally draw the attention of the viewer to the in-focus subject.

Moreover, with a length of 10.6 inches and weighing just 2.95kg, Duvo 24-300mm is compact and lightweight which makes it perfectly portable for all types of live production. It also operates in a similar manner as a broadcast lens by accommodating the zoom and focus requirements. Besides, it is compatible with various accessories specifically designed for portable FUJINON lenses and can be utilized for shoulder-mounted action, along with a Steadicam or for capturing high-angle shots with a crane.

Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India said, “The introduction of the FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm represents our visionary leap into a future where cinema lenses are not just within reach but also portable, igniting the creative spirit. With this innovation, we empower creators to push the boundaries of their imagination, enabling them to narrate their stories with timeless cinematic elegance. We firmly envision that the FUJINON Duvo series is poised to spark a monumental revolution in India's filmmaking landscape, forever reshaping the way cinema is crafted and shared.”

“Continuing the tradition of FUJIFILM India, where we consistently strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm lens has been designed to provide an extensive focal range in the most compact and lightweight package possible. This allows directors in live production the opportunity to produce the most dramatic, shallow depth-of-field shots often used in live shows, providing viewers with an immersive cinematic experience. The lens is tailored to meet the preferences of the evolving group of creative professionals,” said Mr. Arun Babu, Head of Digital Camera, Instax & Optical Devices Business, FUJIFILM India.

In today’s broadcasting world, cameras equipped with large-image sensors are gaining popularity amidst the growing need for immersive cinematic expressions involving the use of shallow depth-of-field, bokeh and high dynamic range. While cinema lenses are commonly used for these types of applications, they are optimized for shooting scripted production and therefore have a smaller zoom magnification ratio than that of broadcast lenses. The introduction of FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm” Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens will prove to be a game changer in this dynamic creative environment.