Blaupunkt Introduces Type-C Connecting Feature for SBA30 Soundbar & EM01 Earphones

Blaupunkt Introduces Type-C Connecting Feature for SBA30 Soundbar & EM01 Earphones

Blaupunkt has recently introduced a new digital type-C connecting feature to the already launched audio series to enhance the audience’s audio experience. Blaupunkt is known globally for its fantastic range of innovative audio products. Each of these has always been at the top end of technology and features. The brand has always sought to keep improving its range through design and technological improvements. Now they have taken two of their bestsellers and done the same.

Lately, Blaupunkt has been hearing about the need for a Type C connector and how this will further enhance the audio experience. 

The EM01 Earphones have always been one of Blaupunkt’s bestsellers. They have offered comfort, better durability, and, of course, richer sound quality. Now they have been upgraded with a Digital Type C connector. This means they are even better. The connection now allows cleaner data, so the audio range has more fidelity. Conversations are clearer, music is crisper, and there is a deeper bass. Gamers will also love this change. The connection with games seems to be much stronger, which means a more immersive experience.

Soundbars are a must if you are really passionate about the entertainment content you consume. The SBA30 Soundbar has always offered an incredible audio experience in this category. Now Blaupunkt has brought this model right to the forefront of the entertainment world. By adding a Digital Type C connector, it has taken the level of entertainment up many notches. Here again, this connector increases the rate of data transfer and raises all levels of output. Everything, from the audio output to the speed at which the bar charges, has had a positive impact. You will love this upgrade.

A connecting cable transfers data. The industry standard has been the 3.5mm adapter which was limited because of being an analogue. So the amount and quality of data being transferred were compromised. Now Blaupunkt is spearheading the shift to a Digital Type C connector. Here are some of the advantages. 

  • Better sound quality because there is more efficient transfer of data. Minimum interference while providing a stronger connection. 

  • A more durable connector. Better design results in a longer life. 

  • Blaupunkt uses a Digital Type C connector (unlike ordinary brands with analog Type C connectors). This means all devices can connect. 

  • Larger acceptance, and now the global industry standard. 

Blaupunkt has proved its caliber yet again. The iconic brand has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Here again, it is pushing global audio players to move to something that will give the consumer a better.

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