TechnoBind Reported 22% Growth in H1 CY 2023

TechnoBind Reported 22% Growth in H1 CY 2023

TechnoBind announced that it has achieved 22% growth from H1 CY 2022 to H1 CY 2023. As a specialist value-added distributor (VAD), TechnoBind prides itself on its focused approach to building the channel ecosystem, leveraging the large opportunity in the Indian market for technologies which help solve customers’ burgeoning Data related challenges.

TechnoBind’s business units have an array of OEMs whose technology play is around the four main areas of data - storage, protection, management and security. A strong needle like focus on the core philosophy backed by the leadership team who brings in strong domain knowledge has helped Technobind achieve these top percentile growth rates year after year.

“TechnoBind was founded a decade ago with an aim to help bridge the gap in the Indian market facilitating connections between OEMs and customers. Consistency and sole focus on data and associated domains has helped TechnoBind reach newer heights. We have registered 22% growth because of our GTM strategy and relentless focus to deliver the highest business value for all our stake holders – our partners, our vendors and our investors. Our focus as a specialist distributor has helped grow the data management business by 30% and also doubled our infrastructure business. We are looking at a strong year ahead of us and bringing more unique additions to our portfolio and supporting our customers while providing an opportunity for OEMs to enter the Indian market,” said Prashanth GJ, CEO at TechnoBind Solutions.

As the National Technology Distributor in the domain of Data, TechnoBind is committed to driving innovation, empowering businesses to achieve their goals with cutting-edge products and services while enabling channel partners to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. As one of the strong pillars of the Indian tech market, TechnoBind believes in knowledge sharing and helping the community grow. TechnoConnect has been one such successful mission which has garnered appreciation from the tech and the partner community.

Through these initiatives, TechnoBind’s leadership is looking forward to expanding the horizons of tech professionals, helping OEMs and customers understand the tech market and creating a pathway for new workforce and industry experts to connect and deliver value. Another initiative that TechnoBind is focusing on is its new Cloud Business Unit which is focusing on solutions and services that help customers adopt cloud. TechnoBind will dedicatedly be addressing the cloud needs of the partner and OEM community through this business unit.

“As the technology landscape is changing the changing market needs are a challenge for both the customers and the OEMs and we help in bridging the gap. It is our due diligence that has helped secure six partnerships with DocuSign, Sumologic, DNIF, Skybox and Exagrid. We have also expanded our sales presence across India. We have opened an office and expanded our sales presence in Pune and increased our sales presence in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Additionally, we have also expanded our support service network where we provide full-fledged spare and RMA support for our hardware OEMs. TechnoBind’s strong culture of ‘value creation’ will continue to support our growth numbers and onboard more best-of-breed solutions and services,” said Harikrishna Prabhu, COO at TechnoBind Solutions.

TechnoBind understands the growing technology needs of its customers in the Indian and APAC regions. Constant monitoring of the market landscape and collaboration with OEMs and our partners have helped the company understand where there is a gap in the market and formulate a plan of action to bridge that gap. TechnoBind operates as an extension of the OEMs who are looking to diversify and reach newer markets by providing them with the necessary support for their sales, presales and marketing needs.

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