Redington On boards V S Hariharan as New Group CEO

Redington On boards V S Hariharan as New Group CEO

Redington Limited announces the appointment of Mr. Hariharan as the Group CEO. With a stellar track record of 25+ years in sales, marketing, and general management, Mr. Hariharan brings a wealth of expertise and experiences, to drive Redington's continued success.

His journey marked by strategic insights combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, resulted in strong success in leading growth businesses & establishing new markets. He embarked on his career at Wipro in India before transitioning to Singapore, where he spent over 18 years at Hewlett-Packard, holding numerous senior positions that showcased his exceptional leadership abilities. He went on to be a Founder of a company specialising in Solar Solutions for emerging markets. His versatility and cross-industry experience set him apart as a dynamic leader.

"Mr. Hariharan's appointment as the Group CEO of Redington Limited marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our journey. Having witnessed his unwavering commitment, deep industry insights, and exceptional dedication during his time as an Independent Director, I am delighted with his appointment as the Group CEO. With his profound understanding of Redington's operations, culture, and potential, I am sure Mr. Hariharan’s leadership will undoubtedly take Redington to new heights of excellence," said, Professor J. Ramachandran, Chairman of the Board and Independent Director, Redington Limited.

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