RAH Infotech Strengthens Security Portfolio, Signed Strategic Partnership with XM Cyber

RAH Infotech Strengthens Security Portfolio, Signed Strategic Partnership with XM Cyber

RAH Infotech announced their strategic partnership with XM Cyber, a leading hybrid cloud security company that’s changing the way innovative organizations approach cyber risk. XM Cyber, a leader in hybrid cloud security is providing automated mitigation of hybrid cyber risk and looking forward to expanding its presence in India and APAC regions with this association.

"RAH Infotech is excited to announce its collaboration with XM Cyber, introducing its acclaimed Exposure Management platform to our lineup. A resilient cybersecurity platform is essential for every business to safeguard business continuity, foster growth, and maintain brand trust. Given the substantial advancement in attackers' sophistication, methods, and tools in recent years, businesses must maintain a comprehensive vigilance against threat actors. This partnership enables our customers to leverage a top-tier cybersecurity platform, effectively mitigating cyber threats around the clock,” said Ashok Kumar, Founder & Managing Director at RAH Infotech. 

XM Cyber's Exposure Management Platform provides a distinctive viewpoint on hybrid-cloud networks through an exhaustive attack graph of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, credential risks, user activities, and more. This allows organizations to comprehend their security posture from the vantage point of potential attackers, empowering them to proactively rectify and seal security gaps that might lead to breaches. The platform expedites the resolution of exposures, helping security and IT teams to gain context of their critical assets that are at most risk and guidance on the steps needed to reduce risk. Additionally, XM Cyber consistently oversees critical security controls across the security stack, ensuring the proper configuration, functionality, and efficacy of cyber security and IT tools. This serves as a continuous validation mechanism for the organization's defensive line.

XM Cyber introduces an innovative strategy to proactively thwart cyber-attacks by simulating an attacker's propagation through the network. By pinpointing vital attack routes across on-premises and multi-cloud networks, it enables organizations to economically address security vulnerabilities, reinforcing their systems before any compromise occurs.

“RAH InfoTech is a well-respected distributor and solutions provider with a strong track record of success, and we are confident that they will help us to grow our business in this region. Their combination of specialist knowledge and innovative technology platforms will enable our customers to remain ahead in today’s dynamic IT environment,” said Stree Naidu, XM Cyber’s Vice President – Asia Pacific & Japan.

RAH Infotech offers a comprehensive range of solutions to effectively manage data, network, security, regulatory environment, or operating sector through an integrated ecosystem. The company’s distribution and reseller program nurtures partners to ensure their success. RAH Infotech has always been focused on developing a strong partner ecosystem by aligning its business with emerging technologies that reflect in its product portfolio. 

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