Iris Waves Delivered Xerox Solution to Top EdTech Platform, Quick Commerce Food Aggregator & High Commission

Iris Waves Delivered Xerox Solution to Top EdTech Platform, Quick Commerce Food Aggregator & High Commission

Iris Waves bats on big opportunity in MPS (Managed Print Services) business. Having successfully delivered Xerox MPS Solutions to multiple clients in Online Edtech Sector, Quick Commerce Food Aggregation even with a High Commission through pan India locations. Iris Wave is poised to hit big in this business.

The Online Edtech company having its head office at NCR region of the capital, with 60 branches and growing pan India. They house over 14 Lac online students prepare them for IIT-JEE and competitive exams.

Speaking to newsman Mr. Manish Singh, Business Manager, Iris Waves said, “The Online EdTech Company was facing severe business pains managing their printing needs. Beside having acute security issues, they were struggling on logistics, pilferages & other problems while printing with external jobber sources.”

Iris Waves assessed their needs and helped them by installing Xerox MPS solution at their facilities. The solution helped them resolve their first hand security issue for exam paper. The solution also provided their premises with floor printing facility for each and every individual floor.

Any individual cud use the - Follow Me Print feature allowing any employee to print on any printer located nearest to him from his native computer located on any floor by using his employee ID card. This solution comes with an array of other features that can be customized according to requirements like Quota Setting for admin even staffers that helps in cost controlling.

“We have delivered to over 20 location with the online edtech company, while 25 are underway, we have also delivered to 1 location with a large quick commerce food aggregator company and 2 locations for a High Commission offices” Manish Singh concluded.

The benefit of such solution becomes very practical as the customer invests only in the machine, space, electricity and paper - however its running maintenance including print consumables & drums are taken care by Iris Waves within its serviceable formats. A Software enables pro-actively to run the machines smoothly, it signals on consumable requirements from time to time.

“Xerox is the market leader in Print Technology Solution who are our OEM partners” said Mr. Himanshu Chawla, CEO, Co-founder and Technology Evangelist, Iris Waves. “Iris Waves is poised to install over 20 such machine solutions in this fiscal. This is a new baby in our hands, With this growing business vertical, we are acquiring new customers and eye a revenue of over Rs 5 crore,” he said.

Iris Waves enabled the online edtech company by renting out the Xerox MPS machines and handling running maintaining the solution for a period of 3 years. The solution also has an OPEX model that runs on FASMA services which includes machine rental plus per click print cost.

“Iris believes in helping eradicate business pain by using cutting edge technologies and crafting an end to end solution for their valued customers” said Mr. Sanjiv Krishen, CMD, Iris Waves.

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