HP Unveils New Services and Solutions to Empower Partner Growth

HP Unveils New Services and Solutions to Empower Partner Growth

HP Inc announced new and enhanced services and solutions that drive value and enable partners to build and grow their services and software businesses.  These new solutions include HP WEX, HP’s first AI-enabled digital experience platform; a new managed service offering for PCs; a new print subscription service, a simplified good/better/best approach to HP support packages, as well as services and programs to extend the life of devices and accelerate a circular economy.  

“We are in the midst of a historic shift in the way people work,” said Dave Shull, President of HP Workforce Solutions. “Happy, motivated and productive employees drive better business results, but creating work environments that enable and inspire a dispersed workforce is increasingly difficult. This is where our partners play a key role supporting businesses that are going through transformations. Today, HP is introducing services and solutions ​that enable channel partners to deliver amazing work experiences to their customers while creating recurring revenue streams.”

HP Introduces Workforce Experience Platform (WEX™)  

Last year, HP launched Workforce Central, a fleet management tool that allows IT managers to discover, configure, monitor and manage HP devices in one location. Today, we have taken our vision to the next level with the introduction of the Workforce Experience Platform (WEX™), providing CIOs with an AI-enabled digital experience platform that unlocks the full potential of the workforce and transforms employees into an unstoppable force of growth.  

WEX launches with an intuitive user interface designed to ensure a seamless experience for customers, connecting multiple services into a single, unified platform view. Beneath the surface is a new suite of powerful capabilities that deliver persona-based recommendations, streamline hardware monitoring, capture employee sentiment, reduce TCO, automate tasks, and strengthen security.

Optimized device investment with new persona-based AI models: Leveraging advanced AI, the WEX platform can deliver personalized technology recommendations based on individual employee usage patterns and requirements, improving the traditional PC refresh cycle.

Seamless integration with existing multi-OS and multi-vendor environments: WEX will soon provide the ability to monitor endpoints across a broad range of operating systems and devices – including computers, peripherals, printers, and videoconferencing equipment – regardless of brand or manufacturer. 

Collaboration with Microsoft to Supercharge WEX™ with AI: HP has recently joined the Microsoft Copilot for Security partner private preview and will be working to integrate WEX with Copilot to automate tasks and help maximize device uptime for employees.

Improved employee engagement through ongoing employee sentiment tracking: Turnkey pulse surveys from WEX can improve IT organizations' ability to continuously gauge and enhance employee satisfaction with their digital setup.

Reduced TCO and stronger security: WEX can automate support requests, thus reducing IT support costs. In addition, WEX leverages HP Wolf Security to help reduce security risks.

New Offerings to Accelerate a Circular Economy and Extend the Life of Devices

HP is demonstrating its continued commitment to driving a circular economy with new programs that help extend the life of devices.  As a result, today HP unveiled a new Device Life Extension Service enabling customers to optimize their IT investments and reduce their carbon impact by enhancing device performance and maximizing the life of their existing HP PCs. Customers simply ship their devices to HP’s trusted partners and receive them back with restored performance and enhanced functionality.

In addition, HP introduced its first Partner Certified Refurbishment program. Now commercial customers can purchase HP Partner Certified refurbished devices that have gone through a rigorous refurbishment process and have been tested extensively. HP is also expanding its PC refurbishment program to the US. 

New and Simplified Services Make Selling Easier

HP has simplified and streamlined its service offerings to provide channel partners with more choice to build and deploy services that complement their own offerings. 

New Managed Device Services (MDS): A new, comprehensive and fully-managed PC service which includes device configuration and management as well as onsite support, proactive monitoring and recommendations for fleet improvements. In addition, HP offers a suite of software, which can easily be added to the service.

Enhanced Managed Print Services (MPS): HP is upgrading its Managed Print Services portfolio with the integration of software solutions. In addition, Managed Print Services now enables multi-country deal setup.

New Managed Print Services (MPS) Subscription: HP is officially launching Managed Print Services (MPS) Subscription, a simple and flexible option that enables printing from virtually anywhere – all through a low commitment annual subscription model.

New Sales Toolkits – HP is making it even easier for channel partners to sell managed services with a new Sales Toolkit, which helps partners build and grow their services businesses. 

Radically Simplified Support Services Offerings -- HP is introducing new, simplified support packages for HP Support Services: Essential, Premium or Premium+ Support.

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