Arrow PC Network Hosted Impact 2024 to Shape Brighter Future Through Collaboration & Innovation

Arrow PC Network Hosted Impact 2024 to Shape Brighter Future Through Collaboration & Innovation

Arrow PC Network's Impact 2024, held at The Banyan Retreat Resort in Jim Corbett, was a convergence of visionary ideas, insightful discussions, and collaborative initiatives aimed at fostering positive change within the IT sector. Sponsored by industry leaders such as Dell Technologies, AWS, Crayon, Sify, Sonicwall, Freshworks, Commvault & Savex. The event exemplified the power of collective action in driving meaningful impact.

The theme of Impact 2024 resonated deeply with attendees, emphasizing the importance of making a lasting impression rather than merely chasing success and wealth. Impact 2024, commenced with a spiritual invocation, setting the stage for a transformative experience that would leave participants energized and inspired.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, MD & Founder, Arrow PC Network , expressed his enthusiasm with DT for the success of IMPACT 2024. He said, "We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and engagement we received for IMPACT 2024. This event was a result of our commitment to driving positive change and fostering innovation in the IT industry. The support and participation of our attendees, partners, and speakers have been instrumental in making this event a success. We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to inspire, educate, and empower our community to drive meaningful impact in the digital age."

Impact 2024 Day 1:

Day 1 of Impact 2024 accelerated with a powerful keynote address by Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Founder and MD of Arrow PC Network, who underscored the significance of creating impact through action, wealth management, and community engagement.

Mr. Karan Singh, Business Manager-Cloud Solutions & the future leader of Arrow PC Network took the stage and spread the light on Arrow PC Network's origin story along with its customer-centric approach with his future vision delved into practical strategies for business transformation.

The audience gained a keen understanding of how the company continuously evolves based on customer feedback and OEM collaborations through case studies by Mr. Shrutikant Kapoor & Mr. Naresh Arya which showcased how Arrow PC Network prioritizes solving customer challenges regardless of internal complexities.

The day progressed with a series of enlightening presentations. Mr. Aman Rai, representing Dell Technologies, delivered a captivating talk on portfolio management and e-waste reduction, emphasizing corporate responsibility. The spotlight then shifted to cloud computing, with Mr. Vaibhav Saxena, Himanshu Sharma from Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Mr. Shreeyash Siddharth, Amit Kumar from Crayon, offering knowledgeable insights into its transformative potential for businesses.

Later sessions delved into cybersecurity evolution, with Mr. Atul Sharma & Mr. Vipin Hooda from SonicWall sharing deep insights into the subject. Their presentation highlighted the critical importance of staying ahead of cyber threats in today's digital landscape.

Impact 2024 Day 2:

Day 2 of Impact 2024 continued the momentum with a diverse array of engaging sessions from Dinesh Konidala of Freshworks, who discussed their commitment to modernizing the business environment through their unified IT solutions for businesses and AI assistant "Freddy."

Mr. Zohaib Hasan from Savex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. shared illuminating perspectives on improving IT environments through diverse services and solutions. This was followed by presentations from Sify Technologies Limited, where Mr. Yoginder Pal Taneja and Mr. Nitin Khanna shared their decade-long experience and knowledge on various IT essentials for businesses.

The event reached its crescendo with presentations from Dell Technologies where attendees learned about the latest IT trends and innovative solutions through Mr. Danish Khan from Dell who rejuvenated the audience with insights into the companyโ€™s forward-thinking approach and relevance in the digital age.

Throughout Impact 2024, attendees were captivated by technical knowledge-sharing sessions on topics like AI/ML, cybersecurity, and innovative products. The event not only provided a platform for learning and collaboration but also facilitated networking and camaraderie among participants and their families.

Mr. Arvindjit Singh Dhadwal from Commvault offered valuable insights into their various IT services, rounding off the event on a high note.

Beyond the professional agenda, IMPACT24 fostered a sense of community and celebration. Attendees, including partners, customers, and their families, enjoyed after-event parties, dance sessions, games, a jungle safari at Jim Corbett National Park, and quality time with the Arrow PC Network family. The event was not merely a conference but a celebration of transformation, innovation, and the Arrow PC Network family.

Impact 2024 demonstrated the collective potential of the IT industry to shape a brighter future through collaboration, innovation, and commitment to driving positive change. As participants departed, they carried with them not only new insights and connections but also a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration to make a lasting impact in their respective domains.

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