AMD Successfully Hosted ‘AMD Technovation Summit’ In Collaboration with Best Hawk and Ingram Micro

AMD Successfully Hosted ‘AMD Technovation Summit’ In Collaboration with Best Hawk and Ingram Micro

AMD organised the flagship 'AMD Technovation Summit' on March 22nd at Hotel The Suryaa, New Delhi, in partnership with Best Hawk and Ingram Micro, showcasing the prowess of AMD EPYC and AMD RYZEN PRO processors. This exclusive event aimed to enlighten corporate clientele on the transformative potential of AMD processors, emphasizing advancements in performance, efficiency, security, and system throughput, all geared towards bolstering business success.

The event provided attendees with valuable insights from AMD technology experts on pushing boundaries for next-generation IT infrastructure. Key discussions revolved around the competitive edge of AMD processors compared to other companies in the market.

Adeel Jamali, Managing Director, Best Hawk
Adeel Jamali, Managing Director, Best Hawk

Participation from industry experts, the summit featured informative insights from AMD's technology experts, driving discourse on redefining IT infrastructure paradigms. Well known industry expert including Mr. Sushil Sharma, Mr. Sundar, Mr. Shubham Sharma, and Mr. Syed Mansoor Ali from AMD, alongside esteemed leaders from Best Hawk such as Mr. Adeel Jamali, Mr. Narendra Khanna, and Mr. Rohhit Arorah, and key representatives from Ingram Micro including Mr. Vivek Khandelwal, Mr. Manish Kumar Singh, Mr. Brahamdev Panwar, and Ms. Jaspreet Kaur, graced the occasion with their presence.

Mr. Sundar, National Sales Manager (Distribution), AMD while taking to DT, shared his views on this remarkable event. He said, "Hosting the 'AMD Technovation Summit' was a significant milestone for us at AMD, and collaborating with Best Hawk and Ingram Micro made it even more impactful. The event provided a platform to showcase our latest technologies and engage with IT Managers from SMBs. Their enthusiasm and interest in our products reaffirm our commitment to delivering innovative solutions. We are grateful for the partnership with Best Hawk and Ingram Micro and look forward to continuing our collaboration to empower businesses with advanced technology solutions."

The event witnessed participation from 65 IT managers from SMBs and mid-market companies, who gained valuable insights into AMD's technology and its potential benefits for their organizations. Attendees also had the opportunity to interact with industry experts and participate in hands-on demonstrations.

While talking to DT about the event, Mr. Adeel Jamali, Managing Director at Best Hawk said, "Hosting the 'AMD Technovation Summit' in collaboration with AMD and Ingram Micro was a remarkable experience for us at Best Hawk. This event provided a unique platform for us to showcase the power and capabilities of AMD processors to our customers. The insights shared by AMD technology experts were invaluable, and the opportunity for our customers to interact with industry leaders was truly enriching. We are grateful for the collaboration and look forward to continuing our partnership with AMD.”

The 'AMD Technovation Summit' was a resounding success, highlighting AMD's commitment to innovation and collaboration with partners to deliver cutting-edge solutions to customers.

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