TAIT Hosted Insightful Session for Its Members on Digital Marketing

TAIT Hosted Insightful Session for Its Members on Digital Marketing

Keeping couple of very important aspects of business and personal growth in focus, TAIT Conducted a Knowledge Session for Members to get remain updated with SAVEX Technologies as Platinum Sponsors.

Two Prominent speakers were invited and both presented insightful sessions which were appreciated by all the members. 

We are now living in the DIGITAL FIRST world & are at a stage where OUR BUSINESS DOES NOT EXIST if we don't have a DIGITAL PRESENCE! Hence every Industry want to understand & discuss about Digital Marketing and online business threats for their retail or wholesale business.

It was end of 1991 when Internet went live for Public & 1995 when it been launched in India; in more than 2 decade it made many Industries just vanished and many who adopted digital technology faster grown like monster in no matter of time. It was like Flip for Few & FLOP for many.

Watching the changes for the Industry and making members aware is the core principle on which Trade Association Information Technology (TAIT), India's leading IT association works.

Prominent Digital marketing expert and consultant Mr.Manoj Kotak took members on a Digital Trip !!! He explained Digital Marketing; IS IT A FEAR or THE FACT ?  Is Online Marketplace like Amazon & Flipkart taking away traditional market's business? What's really Changing? Changes Due to Usage of Mobile & finally how to survive in ever-changing new way of marketing dynamics. 

Subsequently a remarkably motivating session was conducted on the subject of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) by Mr Amitkumar Pathak. 

NLP is a psychological science that deals with the idea of programming the mind and creating shifts in our internal mental beliefs and emotions, using language and other techniques. It is also helps read people’s minds just by watching the physiology and the choice of words used in their language. NLP practitioners can easily build rapport with anyone, change beliefs, read minds, personalities and predict how people with think, decide and behave under various circumstances.

Today NLP is extensively used in growing business through high-value sales, leadership traits, boosting employee confidence and customer happiness. 

Mr Amitkumar Pathak is one of very few Licensed NLP Trainers in India having 23 years’ of experience in using this science in business, coaching and therapy work. Author of two best selling books, numerous articles on self-help and psychology, he has appeared in TV shows and featured in news articles for his innovating and research-oriented developments in this field 

Mr Pathak gave a talk on NLP and its applications, especially in business and demonstrated how TAIT members can use its simple techniques in their business. He not only explained very interesting concepts, the audience had a first-hand experience of the techniques; for example – reading personalities from their language and how to read people’s mind from their eyes. The audience took away incredible insights from the session and excited to apply NLP in their business.

Both sessions were very well attended and highly interactive. Some of the demonstration amazed all the members. 

At end of the session, Mr.Parag Shah Gen. Secretary TAIT, thanked everybody for their active participation. TAIT President Mr.Champak raj Gurjar felicitated both the speakers. Mr.Murtuza bharamal , TAIT Director , took the lead for this sessions and coordinated the entire session. 

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