Punjab Association of Computer Traders (PACT) Holds Executive Body Meeting in Patiala

Punjab Association of Computer Traders (PACT) Holds Executive Body Meeting in Patiala

The Punjab Association of Computer Traders (PACT) recently conducted its executive body meeting at the Gymkhana Club in Patiala. The meeting, hosted by the Patiala Computer Dealer Association, was attended by senior members from 10 city associations and the elected executive body of PACT. Mr. Vikas Narang, President of PACT, presided over the meeting, which commenced with a warm welcome from Mr. Davinder Singh Walia, Chairman, and Mr. Ripan Sharma, President of the Patiala Computer Trader Association.

The meeting agenda included several key points aimed at enhancing the association's effectiveness and expanding its reach within the state. The main topics discussed were:

  • Planning for a minimum of four executive meetings per financial year.

  • Strategies to strengthen the association.

  • Restructuring of all committees.

  • Organizing B2B and B2C exhibitions.

  • Hosting an intercity cricket tournament.

  • Arranging an award ceremony in collaboration with major IT brands and media houses.

During the meeting, it was decided that the next executive meeting would be hosted by the Hoshiarpur Computer Dealer Association in the first week of August. Additionally, efforts are underway to establish IT associations in areas where they are currently nonexistent, with Gurdaspur being the next target. The association aims to have a presence in all 23 districts of Punjab and Chandigarh, with the Upcountry Alignment Committee leading this initiative.

Committees within PACT will be restructured to enhance the association's impact and activity. Plans for a large-scale B2B and B2C exhibition were also discussed, with a committee formed to assess feasibility and organize the event. Furthermore, an intercity cricket tournament is being planned, with league matches scheduled in major cities and the final to be held at a prominent venue.

Mr. Sanjiv Walia, Chairman of PACT, encouraged members to report instances of fraudulent practices by "night flyers" to protect members from financial harm. Mr. Sunny, Chairman of PACT, urged members to work at the grassroots level to strengthen local associations, emphasizing PACT's unwavering support.

Commenting on the PACTโ€™s vision for members and IT community, Mr. Vikas Narang, President, PACT said, "At the heart of PACT's vision is a commitment to unity and progress. Our recent meeting underscores our dedication to strengthening the IT community in Punjab. By fostering collaboration and innovation, we aim to create a more vibrant and inclusive ecosystem for all members. We are focused on addressing key challenges such as pricing disparities and stock dumping, ensuring a fair and competitive environment. Through strategic planning and proactive measures, we will continue to advocate for the interests of our members and drive sustainable growth. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for the IT sector in Punjab."

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Vice President of brand coordination at the Federation of All India IT Association (FAIITA), discussed FAIITA's efforts to work with vendors to eliminate biased pricing practices and stabilize prices between online and offline channels.

Recognizing the efforts of IT dealers across various cities, an award ceremony will be organized in collaboration with prominent brands. The meeting concluded with an open discussion on various suggestions and concerns raised by members, emphasizing the association's commitment to its members' welfare and growth.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Jagdev, Past President of PACT and National Advisor, raised concerns about stock dumping by vendors, leading to price instability in the market. PACT has decided to issue advisories to dealers to address this issue.

During the meeting, members also addressed concerns regarding the double pricing policy by vendors for online and offline sales, as well as issues of stock dumping and fraudulent practices. PACT has resolved to issue advisories and take necessary actions to protect its members' interests.

Mr. Devinder Mehandru, General Secretary, explained PACT's Grievance Acceleration Matrix and summarized all discussions and decisions. The meeting ended on a positive note, highlighting PACT's dedication to its members' welfare and business stability.

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