Navi Mumbai IT Association Gears Up for Grand Launch Party of Circle Gaming Cup 2024

Navi Mumbai IT Association Gears Up for Grand Launch Party of Circle Gaming Cup 2024

The Navi Mumbai IT Association is excited to announce the launch of the Circle Gaming Cup 2024, a one-day cricket tournament designed exclusively for IT channel partners in Mumbai. Scheduled for April 28th, the tournament aims to provide a platform for networking and camaraderie among IT professionals in the region.

The launch party for the Circle Gaming Cup 2024 will take place on April 26th at the prestigious Hotel Royal Orchid in Vashi, Mumbai. This event will set the stage for the exciting cricket tournament and is expected to ignite the cricketing spirit among the Mumbai IT fraternity. The launch party will be attended by founders, team owners, sponsors, media partners, and their families, ensuring a vibrant celebration to kick off the tournament.

Navi Mumbai IT Association is a premier association in the Mumbai region, working tirelessly for the well-being of IT channel partners. The association has been founded with an objective to uplift the partners and enable them to accelerate growth in the challenging business environment. The Navi Mumbai association has 125 members and the numbers are aggressively rising. The esteemed founders of the Navi Mumbai IT Association are:

·       Hemant Gupta

·       Deepak Manodara

·       Mahendra Sankhala

·       Kantilal Purohit

·       Sunil Nor

·       Santosh Bodake

·       ⁠Bharat Purohit

·       ⁠Nitin Patel

·       Shamji Khambhlia

·      Shankar Kothari

While talking to DT, Aashish Sawant, Business Manager - West (Emerging Enterpises) at AMD put across his views about their association with Sound Solutions and Circle Cricket Cup. He said, "As the regional manager of AMD Business, I am thrilled to share our commitment to the vibrant IT ecosystem of Navi Mumbai. This bustling city stands tall as one of India’s premier IT markets, a hub where innovation converges with opportunity. Our collaboration with Sound Solutions, our esteemed partner, is more than a sponsorship—it’s a symphony of shared vision. By extending the diamond sponsorship to the Navi Mumbai IT Cup, we invest not only in technology but also in the dreams of countless aspiring minds. As the tournament unfolds, let us celebrate the spirit of healthy competition. May the best team emerge victorious, leaving an indelible mark on the digital canvas."

The 'Circle Gaming Cup 2024' launch party is set to be an electrifying event, signaling the start of a thrilling cricket tournament and a platform for fostering community spirit and healthy competition among IT channel partners in Mumbai.

While talking to DT, Hemant Gupta, Founder, Navi Mumbai IT Association said, "We are thrilled to host the Circle Gaming Cup 2024, which promises to be an exciting and engaging event for IT channel partners in Mumbai. The tournament is not just about cricket, it's about bringing together like-minded professionals in a fun and competitive environment."

The Circle Gaming Cup 2024 will feature five-over hard tennis matches, with eight teams competing for the championship title. The teams participating in the tournament include TSS Twinkle Thunders, Techvisit Titans, Shakti Knight Riders, Sunrise Super Kings Vashi, Plus Challengers Vashi, Hariom Computers Titans, Maratha Warriors, and Plaza Engineers.

The tournament will follow a round-robin league format, with each team playing two matches. The top four teams will then enter the semi-finals, followed by the finals to determine the ultimate winner.

While expressing his views with DT about Circle Gaming Cup 2024 and their sponsorship for the tournament, Sunil Thariani, Proprietor, Sound Solutions said, "It is with great pleasure that I announce AMD Sound Solutions as the diamond sponsor for the inaugural Navi Mumbai IT Cup. This prestigious event, brought to life by the visionary Hemant Bhai and his dedicated team, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, determination, and unwavering commitment. Hemant Bhai and his team have orchestrated this event with remarkable precision. Within a mere 14 days, they transformed their visualizations into reality—a feat that deserves our applause. The Navi Mumbai IT Cup promises to be more than just a competition; it is a melting pot of ideas, camaraderie, and knowledge exchange."

He further added, "AMD Sound Solutions, Hemant Bhai, and the entire organizing team: Thank you for believing in the power of IT, for investing in the future, and for being the diamond that sparkles in our collective vision. Cheers to the Navi Mumbai IT Cup!"

Commenting about the support from sponsors and launch party, Deepak Manodara, Founder, Navi Mumbai IT Association said, "We are grateful to our sponsors for their support in making this event possible. Their generosity and commitment to the IT community are truly commendable. In addition to that, we are very excited for this mega launch party which will set the tune for our cricket cup. The celebration will be grand and we are filled with enthusiasm and energy.

The sponsors for the Circle Gaming Cup 2024 are:

·       Title Partner: Circle

·       Powered by Partner: TSS Vision

·       Diamond Sponsors: AMD and Sound Solutions

·       Platinum Sponsors: Lenovo and Bluecom

·       Gold Sponsor: Patni Computer

·       Kit Sponsor: Zebronics

·       Super Over Sponsor: Rapoo

·       Six Sponsors: Portronics and Suresh Computer

·       Four Sponsor: Stackfine

·       Gifting Sponsors: BS Computer and Artis

·       Toss Sponsor: IMCC

·       YouTube Live Sponsor: Om Shakti Computer

·       Super Six Sponsor: LG

·       Wicket Sponsor: Sparsh CCTV

·       Food Sponsors: Sunrise Computer and Shakti System

·       Associate Sponsors: NetProtector, Digisol, Smart Vision, Coconut

The media partner for the Circle Gaming Cup 2024 is Digital Terminal. Stay tuned for exclusive insights and complete coverage of the event.

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