Jalandhar Computer Dealers Association Hosted Spectacular Annual Family Meet

Jalandhar Computer Dealers Association Hosted Spectacular Annual Family Meet

The Jalandhar Computer Dealers Association (JCDA) celebrated its annual family meet on December 24, 2023, at a local resort. The event, organized by the JCDA Executive Committee, was a grand affair, bringing together association members and their families for a day of festivities.

The Family Meet featured a splendid arrangement of family-oriented activities including various games. The event also included the recognition of both new and longstanding JCDA members, along with the honorable mention of executives from sponsor companies who have contributed significantly to the association's success. Everyone danced together and created unforgettable memories.

The JCDA family, including key members such as Ajay Sharma, Anil Gupta, Akash Chauhan, Hitesh Dhawan, Sahil Kapila, Rajesh Joshi, Paraminder Saini, Diljeet Singh, Rajesh Gupta, Shyamal Gupta, Tarun Bhaskar, and others, gathered to celebrate the occasion.

A significant moment during the event was the retirement of a longstanding member, Diljit Singh of Computer System. The association expressed heartfelt gratitude to Diljit Singh, acknowledging his unwavering dedication and service over the years with a special tribute and a memorable farewell.

The event showcased the spirit of unity and compassion within the JCDA community, making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved. The JCDA looks forward to continuing its tradition of organizing such events that strengthen the bonds among its members and their families.

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