ITL Cup 2023 Launch Party Set to Boost Cricket Fever Among IT Fraternity in Mumbai

ITL Cup 2023 Launch Party Set to Boost Cricket Fever Among IT Fraternity in Mumbai

AMD is all set to host the 3rd Season of the 'AMD ITL Cup 2023,' a five-day cricket tournament powered by Savex Technologies. The cricket tournament is specially designed to strengthen relationships and boost networking among IT channel partners. This cricket tournament is among Mumbai's premier events for the IT community, celebrated for its excellence in bringing together channel partners in a thrilling sporting event.

ITL Cup 2023 Launch Party Set to Boost Cricket Fever Among IT Fraternity in Mumbai
AMD ITL CUP 2023 Set to Kick Off on 4th December in Mumbai

The 'AMD ITL Cup 2023' is scheduled to take place from December 4th to December 8th, promising five days of exhilarating cricket action. To mark the beginning of this grand sporting event, a spectacular launch party is scheduled on December 3, 2023, at a prestigious 5-star hotel. Lenovo is sponsoring the grand launch party which will ensure a positive start of the upcoming tournament. The launch party will witness the presence of founders, team owners, sponsors, media partners, and their families, ensuring a vibrant celebration to kick off the tournament. The event aims to create an atmosphere of celebration, fostering connections and building anticipation for the upcoming tournament.

The evening promises entertainment, networking opportunities, and a glimpse into the teams and players that will be vying for glory on the cricket field. With the glittering cityscape as a backdrop, the launch party will be a fitting inauguration for the week-long cricket extravaganza.

The 'AMD ITL Cup 2023' launch party is poised to be a vibrant occasion, setting the tone for an unforgettable week of cricket, competition, and community building. Stay tuned for updates and highlights as we embark on this journey of sportsmanship and collaboration.

While talking to DT, Mr. Sunil Thariani, Director, Sound Solutions said, “Our key objective behind organizing the ITL Cup 2023 is to boost mutual relationships, promote sports and a healthy lifestyle within the IT fraternity. This tournament will surely bring out positive results. The upcoming launch party on December 3rd promises to be a joyous occasion, uniting distributors, sponsors, ITSC members, and their families. We expect a great launch party and a thrilling cricket event for IT fraternity.”

Commenting about the support by Lenovo for the launch party and this entire tournament as a key sponsor, Mr. Nikunj Parasar, National Vertical Manager - ThinkPad & Thinkbook, Lenovo said, “After two fantastic years of ITL, where the entire Mumbai IT fraternity converged for the biggest sport in this country, it is delightful for Lenovo to be supporting the league as a key sponsor in its third year. This year the tournament gets bigger with addition of the new ND teams, and we expect this season to be a never-before show of post-Diwali fireworks. Lenovo has been a part of ITL since its inception & we will make sure we grow, encourage & unify the IT community in future as well. Cherry on the cake would be for us to win the tournament. Fingers crossed!”

He further stated about their strengthening the relationship with channel partners through this mega cricket event. He said, “The advantage or the blessing of this tournament is that you have channel partners, brands, distributors & everyone IT at one place, not talking about business. Here you play cricket, have fun, meet old friends, make new friends, compete & connect with each other through the sport. Nothing brings people closer like cricket in our country, and everyone who is a part of this tournament will go back with stronger relationships with each other.”

ITL Cup 2023 Launch Party Set to Boost Cricket Fever Among IT Fraternity in Mumbai
AMD ITL CUP 2023 Set to Kick Off on 4th December in Mumbai

Excitement for Grand Launch Party

While talking to DT about the launch party being organized to kick off the cricket tournament, Mr. Biren Yadav, CEO & MD, Bluecom Infotech Pvt. Ltd. commented, “We are very excited for this grand launch party ahead of the ITL Cup 2023. Hosted by ITSC, this event will promote sports and particularly cricket in our industry. ITL Cup is one of the most professional tournament which happens in the industry among partner fraternity. No other tournament is managed and organized in such a professional way. The launch party is the most exciting attraction of the tournament. This launch party is very grand and a lot of people come over there including sponsors, dealers, ITSC founder members and their families. It is a wonderful get together and we are very happy and excited.”

Expressing his expectations for the launch party, Mr. Mihir Kachalia, Partner, IMCC & Co exclusively talked to DT. He said, “We are super excited for this launch party as this is the 3rd edition of ITL Cup. With high expectations, we look forward to an overwhelming response and a vibrant crowd joining us at the event. The celebration will be grand and we are filled with enthusiasm and energy, so we are eagerly waiting for upcoming launch party.”

While talking to DT, Mr. Suresh Chhatlani, Proprietor, Suresh Computers stated about the upcoming launch party and excitement among all members. He said, “Excitement is running high among all team members, team owners, and sponsors for the upcoming ITSC launch party. Anticipation is building as everyone eagerly looks forward to attending. The launch party promises not only a thrilling start to the ITL Cup but also a wonderful social gathering for individuals and their families. The event is set to create memorable moments and strengthen the bonds within the community, marking the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.”

Efforts Behind Building Third Edition of ITL Cup

Putting across his views about all the hard work behind bringing this mega tournament, Mr. Biren Yadav, Bluecom Infotech Pvt. Ltd. said, “A lot of efforts have been made to organize this ITL Cup tournament. As a highly professional event, it demands a deep understanding, knowledge, and passion for cricket. ITSC has proven to be very successful due to the dedication of its founder members who are passionate about cricket and sports within our IT community. The collective support and contributions from everyone involved reflect a non-profit approach, with all funds dedicated to organizing the tournament. The primary goal of this initiative is to promote sports, particularly cricket, within our IT community.

“Under the leadership of Mr. Sunil Thariani, the 3rd edition of the ITL Cup is underway. Challenges, such as formulating rules and team assignments, add a fun to the event. Beyond the cricket action, the ultimate reward lies in the networking opportunities, fostering connections, and enjoying the tournament. The challenges become stepping stones, ensuring a successful and enjoyable cricketing experience,” stated Mr. Mihir Kachalia, IMCC & Co.

Mr. Suresh Chhatlani, Suresh Computers added, “Everyone is working hard to make this ITL Cup a grand success. Everyone including sponsors, teams, ITSC founding members working quite hard. The primary objective is to unite the entire IT fraternity on a single platform, encouraging maximum participation for a shared experience of quality time together. The hard work and commitment from all involved reflect a shared vision of making the ITL Cup not just a sporting event but a vibrant occasion fostering camaraderie within the IT community.”

Business Growth with ITL Cup

“Promoting business is not the core idea behind organizing the ITL Cup, the intention is to promote sports. As we all have a very hectic life, this sporting event serves as an opportunity for engagement and boosts awareness for fitness. By participating in this event, we connect with people in our fraternity, and networking naturally occurs, although it is not the core intent. We have other platforms for business networking. Here we don’t talk much about business, our focus is purely on enjoying cricket and promoting sports, which is the primary objective,” concluded Mr. Biren Yadav, Bluecom Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Commenting on the business growth through ITL Cup, Mr. Mihir Kachalia, IMCC & Co said, “ITSC is itself associated with multiple brands like Lenovo, AMD and others that are sponsoring this event. As a dedicated IT fraternity, members, brand owners, and IT distributors such as Ingram and Redington come together as a unified team. This collaborative environment ensures enhanced networking opportunities, fostering engagement among participants. The collective effort guarantees not only a successful event but also promotes business progression, as each member contributes to the shared success of the IT community.”

“All brands, distributors, and channel partners are taking party in this ITL Cup 2023. It is very big opportunity for everyone to interact and know each other. Our aim is to bring all the partners, distributors and vendors on a single platform for social gathering and better understanding of each other. We are working day and night to make this event a big success,” concluded Mr. Suresh Chhatlani, Suresh Computers.

ITL Cup 2023 Launch Party Set to Boost Cricket Fever Among IT Fraternity in Mumbai
AMD ITL CUP 2023 Set to Kick Off on 4th December in Mumbai

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