CMDA Hosted Meet to Discuss Growth Roadmap in Mumbai

CMDA Hosted Meet to Discuss Growth Roadmap in Mumbai

CMDA Mumbai under the leadership of Mr. Samir Parekh, FAIITA Vice President (Business Opportunities) on Wednesday 11th January 2023 evening at Mumbai had arranged Interactive meeting with Mr. Devesh Rastogi, FAIITA President. Mr. Mihir Shah, CMDA Mumbai President welcomed the members and the invited guests.

The leading members of CMDA Mumbai and Mr. Devesh Rastogi has deliberation on business growth, opportunities & collaboration. Mr. Devesh has suggested the members to have closed interaction with FAIITA for the resolution of business challenges. Mr. Rupnarayan Chaudhary, IT evangelist, Consultant NPAV shared knowledge on developing skills to grow business. Mr. Uday Bhojani representing Personal Computer Today, Media Partner CMDA Mumbai was also present.

Mr. Devesh Rastogi - FAIITA President, Mr. Rupnarayan Chaudhary and Mr. Uday Bhojani were facilitated by CMDA members Mr. Mihir Shah & Mr. Rajkumar, Mr. Ravi & Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Mahavir & Mr. Narendra respectively.    

The members appreciated the gesture.

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