ASIRT Successfully Conducted its Annual General Meeting in Mumbai

ASIRT Successfully Conducted its Annual General Meeting in Mumbai

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) concluded its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 25th at Hotel Parle International in Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Mr. Nilesh Kadakia was appointed Chairperson for the AGM and presided over the meeting. Mr. Bharat Chheda began by revisiting the previous AGM minutes, which were unanimously approved, demonstrating ASIRT's commitment to transparency and accountability.

In his address, Chairman Nilesh Kadakia provided invaluable insights into how ASIRT has evolved into a formidable force in the IT industry. His visionary leadership has propelled ASIRT to new heights, and his dedication to the association's mission was evident to all in attendance.

Sanjay Ruparel, the President of ASIRT, shared compelling insights into how the association has been fostering collaboration among its members. He highlighted the substantial increase in ASIRT memberships compared to the previous year, showcasing the growing trust and relevance of ASIRT within the industry. Furthermore, he emphasized the numerous activities undertaken by ASIRT throughout the year, illustrating its dedication to advancing the interests of its members. He also thanked the media publications for their contribution.

Jayesh Sompura, the Treasurer of ASIRT, presented a comprehensive financial report, providing a strong outlook for the upcoming year. His presentation underscored the solid financial platform established by the current committee, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

The election process was characterized by its smooth execution, reflecting the harmonious atmosphere within ASIRT. Mr. Manish Kamdar, a veteran of ASIRT, was the Returning Officer in charge of conducting a smooth election process.

Four Management Committee roles were open for elections, and due to the presence of four qualified nominations, all candidates were elected unopposed.

The newly elected members of the ASIRT board are:

·       Bharat Chheda

·       Kshitij Kotak

·       Mahesh L Motta

·       Tushar Parekh

Recognizing the service of retiring members, ASIRT bid farewell to:

·       Bharat Chheda - who was renominated and elected.

·       Sanjay Ruparel - retiring after serving with distinction.

·       Shirish Marathe - retiring after dedicated service.

The newly constituted ASIRT Board boasts a dynamic team of leaders dedicated to advancing the association's mission:

·       Chairman - Nilesh Kadakia

·       President - Bharat Chheda

·       Secretary - Avinash Bankeraika

·       Treasurer - Jayesh Sompura

·       Joint Secretary - Kartik Kaji

·       Joint Treasurer - Sandip Saraf

Elected Members:

·       Bharat Chheda

·       Kshitij Kotak

·       Mahesh Motta

·       Tushar Parekh

Co-opted Members:

·       Sanjay Ruparel

·       Harshad Thakkar

·       Pranav Badheka

The newly elected board members and advisors are poised to usher in a new era of growth and collaboration within ASIRT. They have pledged to work tirelessly to ensure members' prosperity, provide enhanced collaboration opportunities, and continue the relentless pursuit of excellence on behalf of the association.

"The new ASIRT Board is committed to harnessing the collective expertise and energy of our members to drive the association's mission forward," stated Nilesh Kadakia, Chairman of ASIRT. "We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to working closely with all our members to achieve our shared goals."

ASIRT's commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration remains unwavering. As the new board takes the reins, members can expect a bright future marked by growth, mutual support, and opportunities for all.

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