World Environment Day: Let's Unite for A Greener Tomorrow

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As we collectively commemorate World Environment Day on June 5th, it stands as a pivotal call to remind our collective duty to safeguard and uphold our cherished home, the planet. In the face of a swiftly evolving climate, this occasion inspires unity and the pursuit of a sustainable trajectory. Together, we possess the power to envision and construct a realm wherein the environment flourishes, and humanity coexists harmoniously with Earth. To honour this momentous day, top IT leaders have shared their views with DT about how we can make our planet a happy place to live.

“As A Frontrunner In Technology, Acer Embraces Its Duty To Minimize Plastic Waste Across Our Operations”

“On this World Environment Day, let us unite against the grave consequences of plastic pollution. It is an environmental crisis that devastates ecosystems, imperils marine life, and threatens human health. Urgent action is paramount, and technology companies play a pivotal role in combating this peril. Through eco-friendly technologies and responsible consumption, we can reduce our reliance on single-use plastics and champion the principles of a circular economy. Collaboration among industry leaders, investors, policymakers, and governments is vital for lasting change. As a frontrunner in technology, Acer embraces its duty to minimize plastic waste across our operations. We actively seek sustainable alternatives, integrating them into our products and processes to pave the way for a more sustainable future. Acer's Earthion initiative leads the charge in developing eco-friendly technologies and forging alliances with like-minded organizations. Together, we can spark innovation, raise awareness, and build a plastic-free future. Our collective actions today will carve an indelible legacy of sustainability for generations to come,” - Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing, Acer India

“We Take Pride In Our Diligent Efforts To Mitigate Carbon Emissions”

"World Environment Day holds immense global significance as it is a prominent platform for fostering climate consciousness and aims to encourage a collective pursuit of a sustainable future. Commemorating this day, we at Konica Minolta India reaffirm our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving the planet for generations to come. As trailblazers in multifunctional printing solutions, we recognize that sustainability entails not just an inherent responsibility but also an opportunity to innovate and create positive change. We take pride in our diligent efforts to mitigate carbon emissions. We have switched to battery-powered vehicles for local deliveries to reduce our carbon footprint. This move aligns with our overarching environmental objectives, aiming to observe a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and an 80% reduction by 2050. Moving ahead, we can cooperatively forge a sustainable path where every choice considers Earth's well-being as Environment Day has transcended the essence of being a mere day but has assumed a lifelong commitment to safeguarding our natural heritage," - Katsuhisa Asari, Managing Director, Konica Minolta India.

“At Optoma, We Strive To Enhance People's Lives Through Supplying Them With Eco-Friendly Products”

“Optoma, world’s No.1 DLP projector brand and a leading designer of display products is dedicated to upgrading and implementing new technology for an improved eco-conscious user experience. At Optoma, we strive to enhance people's lives through supplying them with eco-friendly products. We started the "Green Promise" campaign to demonstrate Optoma's dedication to environmentally friendly product development. We try to use as little plastic as possible to make our goods. We currently using 50% plastic, which helps us lower our carbon impact and use less virgin plastic.”

“The new range of Optoma projectors ZX350e, ZW350e, ZH350, AZX360ST, AZW360ST & AZH360ST are energy saving, mercury free and more economical making it the only projector available in the market which offers lower Carbon Footprints as compared to other brands available in the market. These projectors consume 47% less power and can reduce up to 1265 Kg CO2e during their life span. The new Eco Friendly Laser projector series is specially designed for environmental sustainability as it not only offers a longer lifespan, but is also more sustainable and cost-efficient. The company has reduced the product size by 34%, which not only makes it more robust and compact, but also reduces packaging and waste while making transportation more efficient. Optoma’s laser projectors are also maintenance-free and comply with regulations for less hazardous materials, helping to save energy and avoid mercury pollution. The company plans to move its entire lineup from traditional projectors to laser projectors over the next year for a better user experience and a greener future,” - Vijay Sharma, Country Head India, Optoma Corporation.

“It's Time To Recognize The Immense Potential Of AI And Make The Necessary Investments For A Greener And Prosperous Tomorrow”

“In 2023, rapid response is the new baseline. Uncertainty is expected and complexity is compounding. At the same time, companies are striving to achieve aggressive sustainability goals that require collaboration across aisles and ecosystems. With climate change looming, businesses are recognizing the need for efficient and resilient operations. India, too, must step up its efforts in sustainability across various areas like climate change, air quality, and water quality. Sustainability has now come to be seen as a catalyst that defines new business models, as well as becoming core to the organization’s values. However, achieving sustainability while driving profitability is not easy.”

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, capable of accelerating sustainability efforts. To fully harness AI's potential in identifying and managing future risks, India must make significant and urgent investments in developing AI risk management capabilities. This investment not only benefits the environment but also creates a wealth of job opportunities throughout the country. By embracing AI and using it to drive sustainable solutions, India can pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. It's time to recognize the immense potential of AI and make the necessary investments for a greener and prosperous tomorrow,” - Chittaranjan Meher, Country Leader, IBM Sustainability Software, Technology Sales, India & South Asia.

“At Tech Mahindra, Sustainability is at The Core of All Our Business Activities”

“Today, Sustainability is top-of-the-mind topic for business, political, and economic leaders. Undoubtedly, it has become the need of the hour in all business practices. The threats posed by climate change are massive and call for an immediate and collective push from all stakeholders to incorporate sustainability strategies into business models and promote them as part of the organizational blueprint. We need more far-sighted, innovative and creative solutions to address the environmental challenges to ensure a cleaner and greener future for the future generations. Be it governments or businesses, we all have to look beyond short-term goals of profitability and focus more on broader goals of purpose in order to assess climate risks and enhance governance to achieve long-term sustainable impact. To achieve this, we need to approach the environment, climate, economy and society as inseparable parts of the same entity.”

“As a purpose-led company, for us, at Tech Mahindra, sustainability is at the core of all our business activities. We have established a decarbonization roadmap to ensure that we are Net Zero by 2035. We have also implemented a carbon price to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and invested in various sustainability projects to increase renewable energy mix, improve energy-efficiency, and implemented Environment Management Systems. In addition to this, we are assisting and enabling our customers and partners to achieve their sustainability goals by offering our end-to-end ESG solutions & services. Further, we are also investing in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Green Building Certifications. We are the only Indian organization to be awarded the Terra Carta Seal in 2021 for our commitment to a more sustainable future. On the occasion of World Environment Day, we pledge to continue to embrace our environmental responsibilities and strengthen our commitment to the conservation of environment,” - Sandeep Chandna, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra.

“We Have Moved Our Own Financial Systems To The Cloud In Our Endeavour To Reduce The Per-User Carbon Footprint”

"The world has realized the importance of moving to renewable sources of energy. Across all aspects of life from travel to power consumption to industrial usage and smart cities, there is a very strong thrust on adopting ‘green’ technologies. Our government has introduced many favourable policies to ensure that green technologies are embraced by all. At Clover Infotech, we have been using our resources judiciously and have been designing processes to optimize the consumption of electricity, water, paper, etc. We have moved our own financial systems to the cloud in our endeavour to reduce the per-user carbon footprint. We have been accredited with the relevant ISO certifications for our ESG practices. As a responsible corporate, we have been publishing our ESG report to our customers as well. I believe every organization and individual must leverage the power of new-age digital technologies to accelerate India’s mission of attaining carbon neutrality and creating a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all,” - Kunal Nagarkatti, CEO, Clover Infotech.

“Implementing Effective Power Management Policies Has Been Key To Reduce Our Carbon Emissions”

"At ManageEngine, we are committed to doing our bit towards sustainability. The growth of digitalization has made it impossible for us to thrive without technology in the modern world—but it is equally important to be prudent in how we consume technology to ensure it does not adversely affect the environment. All of our newly built office buildings in India prioritise energy efficiency, thereby minimising the need for excessive air conditioning, in addition to powering our offices with a 5-megawatt solar plant and leveraging wind power. Additionally, implementing effective power management policies has also been key to reduce our carbon emissions. We've also found that it is extremely cost-effective to implement power management policies across all endpoints in our business, as they can significantly increase the life span of endpoints by reducing their usage. For instance, putting a device to sleep and requiring a password or biometric authentication to wake the device from stand-by mode not only saves power, but it also limits unauthorised access to data," - Rajesh Ganesan, President, ManageEngine.

“Our Smart Parking Systems Have A Profound And Positive Impact On Reducing Carbon Emissions”

"World Environment Day serves as a powerful reminder of the need to safeguard our planet from pollution and the devastating effects of climate change. As pioneers in the automated car parking industry, we recognise our responsibility to contribute to global efforts to preserve the environment. Our smart parking systems have a profound and positive impact on reducing carbon emissions and mitigating environmental degradation. By revolutionising how we approach parking, we address the pressing challenges of urbanisation, resource depletion, and air pollution. Our solutions not only provide efficient and secure parking spaces but also prioritise eco-friendly practices. By optimising parking space utilisation and reducing idle driving time, our smart parking systems help minimize traffic congestion and its associated environmental harm. Let us seize this opportunity to inspire change and make a lasting difference. Through embracing innovative solutions, we can pave the way for a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future. Together, let us make every day an ‘environment day’ and preserve our planet for generations to come," Rajesh Kabra, Managing Director, RR Parkon.

“We Understand That Building A Sustainable Future Requires Collective Effort”

“At ZingHR, we're committed to making a positive impact on our planet and helping organizations adopt sustainable practices. This World Environment Day, we take pride in the activities that shape our culture, such as Gemba Walks that identify non-sustainable practices, promoting green commuting, waste segregation, and eliminating single-use plastic. Our ESG Framework for Employee Adoption, coupled with tools like OKR and Reward and Recognition, seamlessly enables companies to implement their ESG goals. In order to drive sustainable practices forward, it is crucial for organizations to foster a culture that acknowledges and rewards ESG achievements. By equipping employees with the requisite knowledge, skills, and mind-set to embrace sustainable practices, they can become catalysts for change within their roles. We firmly believe in the power of ESG-led performance management, providing robust tools for organizations to set measurable goals, track progress, and align performance with sustainability objectives. At ZingHR, our mission is to facilitate the seamless integration of ESG practices within organizations, empowering them to successfully achieve their sustainability objectives. We understand that building a sustainable future requires collective effort, and we're dedicated to supporting companies every step of the way,” - Prasad Rajappan, Founder & CEO, ZingHR

“By Effectively Harnessing The Power Of AI, Organizations Can Accelerate Their Progress Towards Sustainability Objectives”

"In today's discourse, the emphasis on enhancing profitability often overshadows the discussion on AI's potential for achieving sustainability goals. However, by effectively harnessing the power of AI, organizations can accelerate their progress towards sustainability objectives. The transformative capabilities of AI extend to diverse areas, including enhancing energy efficiency, optimizing resource management practices, streamlining complex supply chains, facilitating sustainable product designs, and aiding in climate change adaptation efforts. Through these AI-driven advancements, organizations can generate a positive ripple effect that extends beyond their immediate operations, ultimately contributing to the creation of a more sustainable future for our planet and society at large. By broadening our focus to encompass the sustainable applications of AI, we can unlock its true potential and usher in a new era of environmentally conscious business practices," - Anand Mahurkar, Founder and CEO, Findability Sciences.

“Our Focus Lies Not Only In Benefiting Society But Also In Placing Indian Innovators On The Global Map”

"At iCreate, we firmly believe in the power of change, and our efforts have been directed towards leveraging technology to build a sustainable future. Our focus lies not only in benefiting society but also in placing Indian innovators on the global map. We take great pride in spearheading initiatives that foster grassroots innovations to address real-life challenges that the industry faces. From setting up our state-of-the-art EV Centre of Excellence to establishing strategic partnerships and hosting India's largest EV innovation challenge-EVangelise, iCreate is working in areas like renewable energy, green hydrogen, etc., which have the potential to change the energy landscape of India. As part of our commitment, we stand firmly behind India's commitment to the global environmental cause. Through standardization, interoperability, and future-proofing, India will pave the way for next-gen innovations in the field of green mobility. On the occasion of this World Environment Day, I encourage every stakeholder to come together and further the potential of electric vehicles by supporting breakthrough innovations," - Avinash Punekar, CEO, iCreate.

“The Most Critical Thing When It Comes To Sustainable Transformation Today Is To Recognise Whether It Is Scalable Or Not”

“We live in an era where sustainability and sustainable solutions have become the need of the hour, and we stand at the precipice of change - squarely confronted by some of the biggest climate challenges of our time. One of these challenges include building and construction emissions, which generates nearly 40% of emissions together with other processes including cooling and heating. The most critical thing when it comes to sustainable transformation today is to recognise whether it is scalable or not. At Johnson Controls, we believe that the technology and data led solutions for decarbonisation of buildings is ready to be scaled up. The immediate implementation of this can achieve huge gains in favour of the nation’s NetZero goals! We are in the ‘decade of action’ and as a people, ought to look at every possible measure we can take collectively and individually to make a difference to the planet. The only way change will be seen and felt at a steady pace is if micro-interventions - like waste management, water conservation, reduction of plastic consumption - are emphasised and implemented alongside macro-interventions like renewable energy, alternate sources of energy, energy efficiency in vehicles, buildings, appliances, etc,” - Arun Awasthy, Vice President & Managing Director, Johnson Controls India.

“With The Right Solutions And Consistent Effort, A Brighter And Sustainable World Is Well Within Our Reach”

“On this World Environment Day, we need to uphold sustainable practices for a better future. Our planet faces unprecedented challenges, that demand bold action and innovative solutions. Aereo harnesses the transformative potential of geospatial data which is crucial in solving these issues. With high-resolution data and deep insights, we can understand our surroundings much better and take proactive and preventive measures. By helping develop watersheds, improving organizational efficiency, green cover management, flood simulation, and irrigation planning, we are able to drastically lower the carbon footprint and make industries climate resilient. Our mission is not limited to providing a service but generating an impact that can be felt by future generations. Today, we recommit ourselves to this noble cause, knowing that every drone flight, and every data point collected, is an opportunity to further this goal. Together, let us strive to be better and more vocal about these pressing concerns. With the right solutions and consistent effort, a brighter and sustainable world is well within our reach,” - Vipul Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, Aereo

“Electrifying The Road Fleet and Reducing Its Reliance on Fossil Fuels Makes Communities More Liveable, Cities Greener, And People Healthier”

"The impending dangers from elevated pollution levels are largely the consequence of vehicular emissions, which contribute nearly 20-30% to the country’s entire PM 2.5 emissions. With ecologically sound road transit becoming a prime concern for policymakers, environmentalists, and governments, the electric vehicle ecosystem of cab aggregators, mechanics and manufacturers must gear up to make a quantum jump in decarbonising road fleets and establishing electric vehicles as a dependable choice among private vehicle owners, cab service providers, and public transportation. Hailing as the future of mobility, electric vehicles produce half as much CO2 emissions on the road as compared to conventional internal combustion engine cars. To empower EV adoption among car buyers, the Government has been investing in subsidy schemes such as the FAME I and II. Additionally, the Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme, 2023 will introduce regulations for controlling vehicular emissions, while ensuring passenger safety. Moreover, the government has also been promoting the establishment of EV charging infrastructure across the country to address range anxiety among EV owners. Electrifying the road fleet and reducing its reliance on fossil fuels makes communities more liveable, cities greener, and people healthier," - Nimish Trivedi, CEO & Co-Founder, Evera.

“We Rally Around The Principles Of ESG, Which Have Become Our Guiding Compass In The Pursuit Of Organizational Sustainability”

"As we commemorate World Environment Day, we recognize that true corporate success goes beyond financial prowess. It hinges on the delicate balance between investor interests and advancing ESG goals. Today, we stand at the precipice of a paradigm shift, where sustainability, workplace well-being, and a greener future must be seamlessly integrated. On this occasion, we rally around the principles of ESG, which have become our guiding compass in the pursuit of organizational sustainability. By embracing these principles, we chart a course towards a holistic approach that not only ensures our sustainability goals but also enhances employee engagement, fosters innovation, and attracts purpose-driven talent. We must acknowledge the Indian Government's unwavering commitment to global ESG objectives. Through laws such as the Environment Protection Act of 1986 and the National Green Tribunal, as well as labor codes and guidelines on corporate governance, India sets an example for uniformity in defining and implementing workers' well-being. My advice to India Inc is simple - set a true north for ESG and accelerate sustainability. You will only build exceptional workplaces but also lay the foundation for a remarkable future. Let us join hands and work together to create a world where business success is intrinsically linked to environmental stewardship and the well-being of our people,” - Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, Serial Enterprenuer & CEO, Great Place to Work India