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“Indian Consumers Need Speed and Convenience from Facial Recognition”

September, 25, 2018

Authored by George Brostoff, CEO, SensibleVision 

Facial recognition has been made a mandatory part of Aadhaar identification by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), making it important for Indian businesses and citizens to find optimal authentication solutions. SensibleVision is making its unique facial recognition offering available in India for the first time, bringing our skills as a global developer of AI-based biometric identification technologies to Indian consumers. 

SensibleVision was founded on the belief that facial recognition is an opportunity for security to merge with convenience. Given the well-studied preference for convenience by India’s consumers, it is critical that security offerings be fast and efficient so that the pace of business isn't disrupted. When citizens need to access their bank accounts or government employees need to enter secure facilities, swift authentication makes lives easier and jobs more efficient. To this end, SensibleVision has developed a fast and secure method of facial recognition for the people of India with a unique set of features that bypass some of the problems 2D camera-based authentication solutions often face. 

Unique Technology 

SensibleVision uses AI to fuel its 3D facial recognition technology. By using more than 10,000 data and depth points on a user’s face for positive identification and liveness detection, the SensibleVision platform can authenticate users in typically under 1 second in a wide variety of circumstances, including if a persn’s face is off center or in low light and bright conditions. A key reason to use true depth data is that it ensures that facial recognition can identify people of every skin tone, something which many other providers have struggled with. Indeed, it is a point of pride for SensibleVision that this issue doesn’t hold back our technology. And in a country as diverse as India, that’s important. 

Two-factor authentication is proven to be extremely effective, but it can be an annoying process if the second factor isn’t well-implemented. Consumers are often plagued by extra steps that eliminate the convenience that facial recognition is supposed to create. SensibleVision offers a wide-range of second factors – including fingerprints, PINs or secret symbols – that users can use to authenticate themselves while their face is being recognized. Unlike traditional two-factor, our unique simultaneous approach doesn’t take any extra time. 

SensibleVision understands that data security is paramount for Indian businesses and government organisations. To this end, our applications allows users to employ something called continuous facial recognition. This approach maintains a user’s login for as long as the camera can see him or her for added security. It also enables the device to switch between personalized settings in seconds: as soon as a user hands a device to a friend or colleague, the screen and accessibility changes to the new user’s preferences and credentials. Finally, this solution is so sensitive and precise that users can even choose to have SensibleVision lock their account if they so much as look away from the screen. 

Consumers need this technology now 

The Aadhaar facial recognition protocols make innovation more important than ever because hackers will be looking for ways to infiltrate this new trove of data. It is a notoriously difficult task to create a login environment that combines strict security with modern convenience.

SensibleVision has worked for years to do just this, however, and we’re excited to see Indian consumers soon reap the benefits. Indian consumers and businesses deserve a facial recognition platform that they can rely on, especially as data security becomes an irreplaceable part of modern life. Too many authentication platforms sacrifice security to get transactions done quickly. It only makes sense to invest in technology that provides peace of mind along with speed.

George Brostoff is CEO of SensibleVision, which makes facial-recognition software. Brostoff has seven US patents and has developed technology used by Dell and other major companies.

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