Zoho Leads As Bootstrapped SaaS Company, Exceeds 100 Million Users

Zoho Leads As Bootstrapped SaaS Company, Exceeds 100 Million Users

Zoho announced that it has surpassed 100 million users across its 55+ business applications. Zoho is the first bootstrapped SaaS company to reach this milestone. This growth comes on the heels of the company reaching 1 billion USD in annual revenue last year.

Consistently providing accessible technology while promoting sustainable growth, Zoho has steadily increased its traction from 1 million users in 2008 to 100 million 15 years later—with the last 50 million users added within the past five years. Zoho is profoundly grateful for the enduring support of its more than 700,000 businesses across 150+ countries. India is one of the fastest-growing countries, where the company has witnessed a 3-Yr CAGR of 65% in the upmarket segment.

“I want to thank all of our customers for trusting us with their business and helping us reach 100 million users worldwide," said Sridhar Vembu, Co-founder and CEO of Zoho Corp. "This is an impressive milestone for any organisation, but it's particularly sweet for us as a bootstrapped company that has never raised external capital. And we are not done yet. We have an impressive innovation pipeline covering the next 10 years and are investing in deep technologies to serve billions of users around the world. We're working towards it, and we want to thank all of you for your continued support."

Zoho has grown steadily and responsibly, without ever taking external funding. This allows the company to preserve its long-term vision and culture without outside pressure or influence. It’s also what keeps the company centered on its values, such as debt-free growth, and serving customers closer to where they are as part of its transnational localism efforts.

Zoho will be hosting Zoholics—its annual user conference—across 16 countries in the next eight weeks, including in India on October 10-11 in Bengaluru. Over 30 Zoholics across 27 countries will be hosted by Zoho in 2023. Zoho has always believed that being close to customers allows the company to build useful, trusted, customer-focused solutions. The company plans to celebrate the 100 million milestone with its customers across continents during Zoholics. For a full calendar of Zoholics,

Zoho Privacy Pledge

Zoho respects user privacy and does not have an ad-revenue model in any part of its business, including its free products. The company owns and operates its data centers, ensuring complete oversight of customer data, privacy, and security. More than 100 million users around the world, across hundreds of thousands of companies, rely on Zoho everyday to run their businesses, including Zoho itself.

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