Union Budget 2024 Live Updates: Know All Announcements Here

Union Budget 2024 Live Updates: Know All Announcements Here

Budget 2024 LIVE Updates, Interim Budget: Nirmala Sitharaman begins her Budget speech in Parliament

As Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveils the comprehensive Union Budget for 2024-25, the government's primary emphasis is on bolstering India's key infrastructure, fortifying various industries, and implementing policies to enhance the business ecosystem. With a commitment to economic growth, the budget reflects a strategic approach to meeting the expectations of the common populace.

Anticipated updates include allocations for major infrastructure projects, incentives for industries, and measures to stimulate business growth. The Finance Minister's announcement is eagerly awaited as it sets the tone for the economic trajectory of the nation. Stay informed and check out the latest updates on the Union Budget to gain insights into the government's fiscal priorities and strategies for fostering sustainable development and prosperity across diverse sectors.


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: PM Mudra Yojana sanctions 43 crore loans, amounting to ₹22.5 lakh crore, supporting the entrepreneurial dreams of the youth, says Finance Minister


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: GST has successfully reduced the compliance burden for trade and industry, says Finance Minister


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: For encouraging sustained foreign investment, we are negotiating bilateral investment treaties with our foreign partners in the spirit of First Develop India (FDI), says Finance Minister


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: FM proposes no changes in tax rates for direct and indirect taxes, including export duties


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: Over 10 years, tax collections have doubled, says Finance Minister


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: Rooftop solarisation and free electricity

Through rooftop solarisation, 1 crore households will be enabled to obtain up to 300 units of free electricity every month, says Finance Minister


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: It is an important priotity to ensure timely and adequate finances, relevant tech and appropriate training for MSMEs to grow and compete globally

Orienting the regulatory environment to facilitate their growth will be an important component of this, says Finance Minister


Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: A corpus of Rs 1 Lakh cr will be established with 50 yr interest-free loan tech-savvy growth

Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: FM Sais we need to focus on four major areas: Poor, Farmers, Women & youth.

Budget 2024 LIVE Updates: Interim Budget: Nirmala Sitharaman begins her Budget speech in Parliament, said Government laid solid foundations for Amrit Kaal

Budget 2024 LIVE: Government 4 focus areas: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman highlighted the government's commitment to prioritizing policies that focus on the well-being of youth, women, farmers, and the economically disadvantaged.

Union Budget 2024 Live Updates: Know All Announcements Here
Key Expectations of Indian Tech Players from Union Budget 2024-25

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