Threads Garners 55-Million Users Within Two Days Of Its Launch, Twitter Threatens Lawsuit

Threads Garners 55-Million Users Within Two Days Of Its Launch, Twitter Threatens Lawsuit

The latest Instagram venture, Threads has reached more than 55 million users within two days of its launch, and the media is basking with the news on Alon Musk being insecure about his Twitter. Apparently, the overwhelming welcome Twitter alternative by Meta has made Musk’s sleep vanish.

Text-based messaging Instagram app Threads launched on 6th July, Thursday and within 24 hours of its launch, Meta head Mark Zuckerberg announced their Threads had already crossed 30 million users.

The number of badges showing up on Instagram profiles, which indicates the number of people on Threads, has already crossed the user count from 55 million to above.

Among the buzz of this high-rise success of Threads, Twitter threatens to sue Meta. Amongst other things, Elon Musk claimed that Mark Zuckerberg has onboarded former Twitter employees, with access to the trade secrets of Twitter. Musk tweets: “Competition is fine, cheating is not.”

Musk had accused Zuckerberg tweeting, “Twitter is threatening to sue Meta over "systematic, willful and unlawful misappropriation" of Twitter's trade secrets and IP, as well as scraping of Twitter's data, in a cease-and-desist letter sent yesterday to Zuckerberg by Elon's lawyer Alex Spiro.”

How To Sign up To Threads?

Check here and be guided through each and every step of signing up for the new Threads app, functions as the homepage for downloading the Threads app and accessing public profiles. On the other hand, is receiving significant traffic from users who are searching for information about Threads on the internet. According to Search Engine Journal, has been in use since 2002 and currently serves as a platform for an alternative to Slack.

Privacy Concerns

In this era of increasing cybercrime, people are more concerned about security and privacy, and Jack Dorsey, former CEO of, Twitter was the one to privacy critic who tweets about the private data needs of this app.

Aaron Mendes, co-founder and CEO of PrivacyHawk, mentioned about the privacy concerns:

“The Threads App is just disclosing all the same data they *might* collect in their primary apps, Instagram and Facebook. It doesn’t mean they collect it on every person. It depends on how you use the app and what you give them access to. But it is a reminder of the depth of data Meta collects on its users and that you are the product when you use any of their services.”

Some users pointed out the ethics of Mark Zuckerberg:

Who to Found On Threads?

Almost everyone, right from celebrities, brands, and influencers, to SEO information sources. Amongst 30 million users, Threads have influential people from every segment browsing the app.

Pre-Launch Promotion Of Threads

Adam Mosseri CEO Instagram and the official account Instagram @creators leveraged broadcast channels to report about the new beginning to channel members.

Alongside the promotions via Instagram, a pre-order promotion was offered by App Store to notified iOS users that they can download Threads.

Influencers, along with early access also got a guide on how to sign up on Threads:

History of Threads

Interestingly, Threads is not the first attempt by Instagram. In 2019, Instagram launched Threads as a photo-sharing camera-centric app to share status updates, videos, and images within a close-friend circle.

The previous version of Threads was meant for users to maintain dedicated notifications and inboxes for their close contacts on Instagram as a standalone app. But the app went shuttered in 2021.

An Alternative For Twitter!

Threads has started on a positive note, but it is still too early to make accurate predictions about its future. It would be wise to adopt a wait-and-watch approach, considering the intensified rivalry between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg following the entry of Threads.

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