These 5 Microsoft Teams Feature Will Transform Your Workflow

These 5 Microsoft Teams Feature Will Transform Your Workflow

Just how a skyscraper provides a central location for people to gather and collaborate, Microsoft Teams acts as the central hub for teams to communicate and work together, no matter where they are in the world.  

From the integration of Microsoft Forms for creating quick polls, to the use of Praise to give kudos to team members, there are many hidden gems within Teams waiting to be discovered. 

Here are five lesser-known features in Microsoft Teams that you must try today. 

1.     Loop Component 

The Loop Component lets users compose and edit anything ranging from an agenda, checklist, table, task list or paragraph, where all participants can edit content together in real time.  

To use it, simply select it from the menu under the chat text box, create a draft, set the sharing permissions, and send it to the chat participants. You can then collaborate on the document in real time and view each other's changes

2.     Polls 

Microsoft Teams allows users to create polls within a meeting or group chat through an integration with Microsoft Forms. Go to a channel or chat, select Forms at the bottom of the Teams window, add questions and answer options, and save. Users can see real-time results as people in the group take the poll. 

Polls can be used to gather instant feedback on topics such as lunch options, event themes, and company suggestions. This makes it easier to get the answers you need without leaving the meeting or chat. 

3.     Praise

The Praise app in Microsoft Teams helps users show appreciation to members of your organization or classroom. The badges in Praise are designed to help recognize the effort that goes into the wide range of work that Teams users do, from educators to frontline workers. 

To send Praise in Microsoft Teams, select the Praise icon or find it through Messaging extensions. Choose a title, add the names of people being praised and an optional note, and then hit send. 

4.     Approvals 

Approvals in Microsoft Teams is a native Teams application that lets you easily create, manage, and share approvals from your hub for teamwork.  

1.     Select More added apps (...). 

2.     Search for Approvals, and then select the approvals app. 

This feature eliminates the stress of approval processes for business owners and managers. Approvals can be requested directly within Teams chats, reducing frustration and phone calls

5.     Set Delivery Options 

The "Set Delivery Options" feature can be used to mark a message as urgent. The feature, accessible from within the chat text box, allows you to send a message as Standard, Important, or Urgent, with the latter option sending notifications to the recipient every 2 minutes for 20 minutes. This feature is useful for pushing for a quick reply from forgetful colleagues. 

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams by trying out these features today! 

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