Manu Kumar Jain Quits Xiaomi After 9 Years

Manu Kumar Jain Quits Xiaomi After 9 Years

Manu Kumar Jain announces his exit from Xiaomi Group through a social media post. His post titled, “Change is the only constant in life! Last 9 years, I’m lucky to have received so much love that it makes this goodbye so difficult. Thank you all. The end of a journey also marks the beginning of a new one, full of exciting opportunities. Hello to a new adventure!”

Talking about his initial days with Xiaomi, Mr. Jain mentioned about 2013, when he “co-founded and grown Jabong” he “stumbled upon Xiaomi”. Then the start of his 9-year unforgettable career with Xiaomi Group in 2014.

In his heart-felt note, Mr. Manu mentioned about things he is proud of “but there are few things” that owns his heart. In which, he talked about Xiaomi becoming “the no.1 smartphone brand in India, that too without spending any advertising money.” Then he wrote about the “incredible moment” with Mr. Tata for his support and investment in the company. Also, he mentioned about being a part of “Make-in-India revolution” and creating “50,000 jobs in India” through this operation.

Then the announcement came, “After nine years, I am moving on from the Xiaomi Group. I feel confident that now is the right time, as we have strong leadership team across the world.”

Further, he thanked “fans, partners, team members, and friends” for the support and love they showered on him. “I will forever carry a piece of Xiaomi within my heart”.

After that, he revealed his plans to “take some time-off, before taking up” his “next professional challenge.”

Finally, he firmly wrote that his is a “builder at heart” and ready “to build something new in a new industry.”

Finally, he closes his statement with a message, “Nothing is impossible” and then he indicated about his future plans by saying, “If you have interesting ideas that can empower millions, I would love to talk.”

Within an hour of the big announcement, biggies from the tech-world along with fans and well-wishers started commenting on his post. Some gave him advice, some wished luck for future and some of them even appreciated his move to leave Chinese company and suggested him to work with an Indian company to serve his own country.

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