India Inc. is Moving Fast from Endpoint Security to XDR: Kaspersky

India Inc. is Moving Fast from Endpoint Security to XDR: Kaspersky

Kaspersky, the market leader in the cybersecurity domain, has been catering to the Indian market's growing demand for next-gen cybersecurity solutions. The company has strong plans to carry on the growth momentum and will continue to boost the business growth this year as well with the help of its key channel partners which are spread across India. 

Trends to Dominate

Kaspersky leads the cybersecurity space with its highly innovative security solutions that are in huge demand across sectors. Its efficiency in understanding the new technologies makes it industry leader. Putting across the views on key trends that will dominate the year 2023, Dipesh Kaura, GM, South Asia Kaspersky said, “The Indian cybersecurity market is plagued by data breaches, the cost of which is climbing year on year. While our regulatory framework slowly gears up for a change in the way it deals with cybercrime, there are two key trends on the demand side that will impact the market and its offerings as a whole.”

“India Inc. is moving fast from Endpoint Security to Extended Detection and Response. Companies are going all out on addressing the behavioral aspect of their employees, which seems to be the weakest link in the cybersecurity threat landscape. As remote and hybrid modes of work continue to trend, users find it hard to separate data shared for personal and professional reasons, increasing vulnerability.”

“The other is security pertaining to smartphone use. Indian users are waking up to the need for extensive data protection and security as they increasingly rely on their smartphone for work and access to key services as well as applications within their professional and social spheres. Increasingly aware of the behaviour tracking market as well as social engineering threats, we expect demand to grow for solutions that address these concerns,” added by Dipesh.

Plans to Boost Growth

A business can only grow if the market strategies are effective enough to counter any challenges. Talking about the business plans to grow in 2023, Dipesh commented, “We will continue to focus on our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution being recognised for the value it delivers as a multi-layered strategy to fend off hackers and cyber attackers using a whole arsenal of diverse tactics to enter your networks. Our enterprise-level security solutions bring in XDR capabilities to your company’s cybersecurity function. XDR is not just for bigger companies with complex networks and systems. It is equally useful and often more relevant for mid- to small-size businesses due to the limited resources dedicated to cyber vigilance and security.”

“Our channel plans include improving our value proposition for our channel partners, with strong focus on enterprise offerings. Our recently updated Kaspersky Partner Program includes more rebates, training, and more rewards for Managed Service Providers. Enhanced partner education and support are a priority for us,” concluded by Dipesh.

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