“FireCuda 530 SSD Embraces Gamers To Game Confidently By Adding Intense Speeds”

“FireCuda 530 SSD Embraces Gamers To Game Confidently By Adding Intense Speeds”

Today, demand of SSDs is high and reason behind this is increasing usage of high-end PCs. Seagate is one of the leading brands in storage market with a broad portfolio of products. Talking about the major factors that are fuelling the demand in India

Sameer Bhatia, Director of Asia Pacific Consumer Business Group, and Country Manager for India & SAARC, Seagate Technology said,

“As technology advances quickly, consoles and PCs have also become more powerful. They have added support for higher resolutions and more detailed graphics. These higher-quality detail levels require higher-quality assets, which means the game installation grows.” 

Sameer further added, “This naturally raises the expectations of gamers when it comes to the gaming experience. Speed, reliability and energy efficiency are heavy-duty factors in the enjoyment of playing games. SSDs can help fulfil all these requirements and significantly improve the gaming experience. SSDs are known for fast boot-ups and short loading times, allowing gamers to get right to gaming and racking achievements. On top of that, it offers diverse form factors, making it an excellent choice for PC builders, servers and system builders. This has undoubtedly created a demand pool for the SSD. The NAS market is another area that saw growth in SSD demand. In recent years, many businesses have moved hybrid working environment and many have started small businesses that rely on remote workforce. To enable multiple users to be able to access the business data while making sure they stay secure, many of them turned to NAS systems for their remote access security features and endpoint device management. If you make use of SSDs that are purpose-built for NAS, which means they cater to 24x7 NAS workload environments and built to endure multi-drive vibration and heat, businesses can enjoy best-in-class performance and endurance for multi-user environments.”

Growth Opportunities for Partners in 2023

As the market is growing and the demand for SSDs is consistently scaling up, the market players are expecting the growth to be magnified multifold in coming months. For channel partners, the opportunities are huge thus brands are working in collaboration with channel partners to boost the growth further. Commenting on the growth opportunities for partners in 2023, Sameer said, “Gaming is expected to keep growing. The global gaming industry revenues are expected to exceed $320 million by 2026. While India’s gaming market, which stood at $2.6 billion in 2022, is expected to reach $8.6 billion by 2027, according to ‘India Gaming Report FY 2022’ released by Lumikai.”

“With that, we expect SSDs to continue gaining popularity from HDDs for PC, consumer and high-performance applications. The demand for SSDs will continue to benefit from trends in work or home school and entertainment, such as live streaming and gaming, that have increased demand for storage drives. Recent predictions by CMR also anticipate the consumer SSD market to expand by more than 60% YOY by end of 2022 due to greater SSD knowledge,” stated by Sameer.

Latest Trends in the SSD Market

Technology advancements are one of the key aspects that are helping SSD market to grow. With latest innovations taking place, SSDs are becoming more advanced and helping the consumers to stay ahead of performance issues. Seagate has been producing industry-leading SSDs that are made to unlock the speed. Talking about the trends that are dominating the SSD segment, Sameer said, “NVMe technology accelerates SSD performance beyond the limits of legacy bus architectures like SATA and SAS. This protocol uses the PCIe interface and delivers optimisations to lift business-class storage performance to new heights. NVMe catalyses PCIe Gen4 power for unparalleled speed for gaming. The latest 3D TLC SSD NAND in the drive provides the most advanced speed and durability. As we are getting closer to PCle Gen5, we could expect to see it shake up the best SSD for gaming market.”

Adoption of SSDs in Gaming Sector

Gaming has emerged as one of the biggest sectors in India and gamers are considering gaming as a serious profession. The gaming machines which are being used by the gamers require strong hardware and storage for flawless performance. SSDs have the capability to boost the gameplay performance and offer an unmatched gaming experience. Commenting on the adoption of SSDs in gaming sector, Sameer said, “With technology advancing rapidly and the demand for smooth gaming experience rising, SSDs will become increasingly common in gaming PCs and standard in the next generation of gaming consoles. There are clear reasons for their widespread adoption.”

“Gaming with an SSD offers quicker load times, longer life spans, greater endurance and the fastest transfer speeds on the market. For example, installing an NVMe drive like Seagate FireCuda 530 will have a noticeable impact on gaming performance. FireCuda 530 SSD embraces gamers to game confidently by adding intense speeds, lasting endurance, and large capacity to improve storage performance. With a transfer speed of up to 7,300MB/s, gamers can harness the full power of PCle Gen4 speed to dominate next-generation games and applications. Plus, it is designed to perform under heavy use and is tough enough to go the distance with 0.7 Drive Writers per Day, which gamers can fill and delete 70% the drive capacity every day for five years. With faster read/write speeds, that will result in less latency and smoother gameplay for gamers,” concluded by Sameer.

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