Counterfeit HP Products Valued Close to Rs 30 Crore Seized in India

Counterfeit HP Products Valued Close to Rs 30 Crore Seized in India

Counterfeit HP products valued at approximately INR 30 crore have been seized during Nov 2022-Oct 2023 in India, according to the HP Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) report. In this period, law enforcement authorities in India with support from HP’s Anti-Counterfeiting initiatives have successfully removed nearly 4.4 lakh illicit items from the market. These items include several counterfeit toner and ink cartridges, preventing their circulation and potential sale to unsuspecting consumers. The majority of these operations occurred in Mumbai, where over one lakh illicit items were confiscated.

HP’s Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) Program is aimed at protecting markets and consumers from counterfeits of HP products, while also raising awareness about the scale and severity of the fraudulent printing supplies market in India. While counterfeit ink and toner cartridges might look like HP originals, they are often of poor quality. They can come with many significant risks for end users, such as sub-standard printout quality, printer downtime and extra costs due to counterfeit cartridge leakage, and loss of money due to non-functioning counterfeit cartridges, among other things.

Sunish Raghavan, Senior Director, Printing Systems, HP India, said "We are committed to protecting our valued customers in India from counterfeit products through our Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud Program. This initiative ensures that individuals receive authentic HP products, upholding quality standards and safeguarding consumer interests. Through initiatives like the Customer Delivery Inspection service, we empower customers to verify the authenticity of their printing supplies, instilling confidence and peace of mind. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies and ongoing awareness initiatives, we strive to combat counterfeiting, preserve customer trust, and uphold industry standards”.

Notable seizure highlights in India in 2023

Some notable ACF seizures of local enforcement authorities in India, supported by HP, include the following examples from 2023:

  • FEBRUARY 2023, in the Mumbai area – Authorities thwarted a scheme manufacturing counterfeit cartridges for HP printers and selling them online, carrying out a targeted enforcement action in February. They seized ca. 25,000 illicit items, including counterfeit cartridges and components.

  • MARCH 2023, in the Delhi and Mumbai areas – Carrying out two targeted enforcement actions in the space of just a few days in March, officials in India thwarted two large operations manufacturing counterfeit printing supplies for HP printers. The officials seized approx. 14,000 illicit items at the two raid actions.

  • APRIL 2023, in the Kolkata area – With dedicated raids at two premises, authorities in India thwarted an operation assembling counterfeit ink and toner cartridges for HP Printers and selling them in Kolkata and beyond. Authorities confiscated more than 17,000 illicit items, such as ready-for-sale counterfeit cartridges.

  • MAY 2023, in the Mumbai area – Authorities in India took decisive action against two operations trading in counterfeit printing supplies for HP printers, with major raids taking place in the space of just ten days. Authorities removed over 45,000 illicit items from the markets.

  • JUNE/JULY 2023, in the Mumbai area – Indian officials have dealt major blows against two operations involved in counterfeiting of printing supplies for HP printers with bold raid actions. Officials seized more than 9,000 illicit items.

  • OCTOBER 2023, in the Mumbai area – Indian officials thwarted a scheme to manufacture and sell counterfeit printing supplies for HP printers, conducting an extensive raid action. Officials seized a total of around 11,000 illegal items.

In India, HP offers its free Customer Delivery Inspection (CDI) service, primarily designed for corporate customers such as enterprises and public-sector institutions. If customers suspect counterfeits in a large or mid-sized printing supplies delivery, they can request a free inspection, offered as a non-binding invitation by HP. In 2023 alone, HP conducted about 300 Customer Delivery Inspections for customers in India (referring to 12 months ending 31 October 2023).

The company runs its dedicated Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) Programme which takes decisive actions against counterfeit printing supplies for HP printers. Among others, HP works with enforcement authorities around the world to help them seize counterfeit products, for example providing intelligence and guidance. On HP’s anti-counterfeiting website,, customers can get helpful guidance on how they can avoid counterfeit cartridges.

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