ASUS Always Looks to Offer Best Support & Maximum Growth for Channel

ASUS Always Looks to Offer Best Support & Maximum Growth for Channel

In the year 2023, tech brands are aiming for better growth by capitalizing opportunities which are emerging in different verticals. The IT industry landscape, trend and demand are changing each passing day as the we all expect IT market to flourish at an accelerated pace going forward in this year.

Trends to Watch Out in 2023

The tech brands endeavor to create cutting-edge products for their customers that last long and deliver an enriched user experience. Talking about the key tech trends that will persist in 2023, Mr. Vinay Shetty, Regional Director, Component Business, ASUS (India & South Asia) said, “We look at the hardware market holistically where ASUS can play a larger role but if we were to consider something, we would put the Indian government’s recognition of e-sports as part of “multi-sport events”. This is a welcome move that will act as a catalyst and attract the right talent that will eventually help to grow the e-sports community and the associated industries. As ASUS, we are geared to serve the community with some new and interesting products that will help them have an edge over the competition.”

Strategies to Accelerate Growth

“Our strategy for this year remains the same – release products that customers appreciate and want. We prioritise nifty features along with technological advancements that help the customer get more out of their gaming or regular workflow. For our channel partners, we are always looking to support them and maximise their profits with the release of better and innovative products,” concluded Vinay Shetty.

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