Apple, Intel Signed 'Protest Letter' To Protest Against India's PC Import Restriction

Apple, Intel Signed 'Protest Letter' To Protest Against India's PC Import Restriction

The Indian government, around two weeks back, imposed new rules on imports of tablets, laptops, and all other computers. The motive behind taking this step is to reduce the cost and encourage local manufacturers through the ‘make in India’ move by the government. But the move certainly didn’t go down well with the US giants like Apple, Intel, and many other US-based firms. As per the media reports doing rounds, Apple and other firms have written a ‘Protest letter’ to the Indian government opposing the ban and reconsidering its decision.

The trade group that has filed a written complaint includes giants like Apple and Intel and they consider licensing rules that “could significantly disrupt trade, hamper efforts to more closely integrate India into global supply chains, and harm businesses and consumers in both countries.”

Reason Behind US Trade Groups Complaint

The US trade association is concerned about the global operations where all the countries are involved will complicate. “This potential will only be achieved if businesses have assurance about a predictable regulatory climate," as written in the letter says Bloomberg.

Most of the computers and laptops available in India market are compiled in China. Dell and HP are the only brands offering make-in-India products. The reason behind this is the lower labour cost in China than in India, leading companies towards a more cost-effective assembling market.

The ban was first implemented with immediate effect. However, considering the deals and imports by most of the firms in between the process, the Indian government extended this date to 1st November.

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