5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Company From Cybercrime

5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Company From Cybercrime

Running a business is challenging and takes a lot of determination. With that kind of commitment, your business can almost feel like a second home. 

Just as how we protect our home with an up-to-date security system and sturdy locks, it’s critical to modernize cybersecurity for businesses.  

Here are 5 simple ways to protect business from cybercrime recommended by Microsoft Security. 

1.             Monitor everything around the clock 

Moving to cloud-based security gives your business an edge in terms of making protection one less thing to worry about. This will allow your organization to get constant protection against ransomware and malware attacks across devices. That way, you can focus on making your business a success rather than chasing down cyberthreats. 

2.             Update the locks 

Break-ins in the neighborhood often give us the push we need to replace any worn-out locks or add a security light (or two). Similarly, protecting your business from cyberattacks starts with one simple step—updating your existing systems. Moreover, cyberattacks against business data can be thwarted by regularly creating regular data backups.  

3.             Hide your keys well 

Everyone knows better than to put the house key under the mat. It’s the same way with passwords: if it’s easy, someone will find it. Short of going passwordless, multifactor authentication is your best bet to generate secure access for your business. Other verification factors include answering personal security questions or using face or voice recognition. 

4.             Don’t open the door to just anyone 

Just how it is unwise to open the front door without knowing who’s on the other side, similarly, every business should keep an eye out for bad actors seeking entry into their business. Spelling and grammar errors or requests for user credentials and payment information are telltale signs of phishing and social engineering scams. 

5.             Stay informed about how to prevent break-ins 

Local police and neighborhood watch groups often work together to educate residents about break-ins and how they can better protect their homes. Even if your only employee is yourself, cybersecurity training shouldn’t be looked upon as a one-and-done task. Threat actors are constantly learning and updating their skills, and so should we. 

At the end of the day, we must remember that cybersecurity is like a seatbelt: we know it saves lives, but you do have to put it on. 

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