10 Biggest Highlights of Digital Personal 2023 Data Protection Bill

Image Source: www.freepik.com
Image Source: www.freepik.com

Digital Personal 2023 Data Protection Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday by the voice vote leaving opposition members slogan shouting for the concerns over the current Manipur issue. Amendments suggested by opposition leaders were suppressed by voice vote. Ashwini Vaishnaw, union IT Minister urged the parliament to get the bill passed unanimously.

Here are the key features of the bill:

  • The firms that deal with user data liable to protect users’ personal data in case even stored with data processor as third party

  • If the data gets breached, firms must inform users and DPB (Data Protection Board)

  • Physically disabled people’s and children’s data can be processed after guardian’s consent

  • A data protection officer is a must for firms to appoint, and share these details with users

  • The Center will have the rights to restrict personal data to be transferred to other country, or outside India

  • Appeal challenged against the decisions of Data Protection Board will be heard by Appellate Tribunal and Telecom Disputes Settlement

  • Data Protection Board retains the power to examine and summon people under oath, interrogate documents and books of companies dealing with personal data

  • The decision regarding penalty will be taken by Data Protection Board on the basis of gravity and nature of the breach and type of impacted personal data

  • Data Protection Board can block the access for an intermediary, through the government, if DPDP Bill rules are broken by them more than twice

  • Penalties can be of up to Rs250 Cr in case of failure in protecting personal data or informing Data Protection Board, data breach, and users of breach

The bill, six years ago was declared by the Supreme Court that as a fundamental right "Right to Privacy" has provisions to prevent individuals’ data from being misused by online platforms.

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