10 AI Tools for Enhancing Productivity in the Workplace

10 AI Tools for Enhancing Productivity in the Workplace

AI tools are invented to automate repetitive tasks and assist employees in focusing more on the creative part of their jobs at the workplace. These tools enhance productivity and efficiency while playing a prominent role in impacting the decision-making process. So, let’s check out 10 potential AI tools that enhance performance at the workplace:

1. AI Chatbots ChatGPT

AI Chatbots are the reason to bring AI among commoners. With the AI language model, questions are answered in a conversational pattern. Some of the most popular AI Chatbots are ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, Bard, Bing AI, and Zapier Central.

ChatGPT stands out as an exceptional product from OpenAI, revolutionizing the common perspective of AI usage. The models GPT 3 and GPT 4 are quite easy to navigate and simple to use. Simply download, log in, and put up the question for smart answers. The AI Chatbot is capable of writing codes, doing market research, and answering all sorts of questions being asked.

2. Content Creation Apps Jasper

Content creation app Jasper works by entering prompts as a co-writer to assist professionals from the authoring field. These are AI-powered writing assistants capable of drafting articles, blog posts, and marketing copy, ensuring high-quality and engaging content. Jasper has several templates to produce content for users needing a large volume of content. Also, it has several templates to create content of users’ preference, while allowing for internet access for research purposes, as well as generate images with the help of AI. Some other content creation apps are Copy.ai, Anyword, and more.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a spell and structure-checking app. The text enhancement app provides a complete solution. Apart from spell check and structure formation instructions, this app can detect tonology and simplify complex sentences for clearer writing. Grammarly has multiple integrations and extensions to widen its usage area. Some other grammar and spell-checking apps are Wordtune, ProWritingAid, and more.

4. Descript

Descript is a video-enhancing tool that transcripts videos into the script. To trim down the video, the user has to crop the script, and the job is done automatically. All the editing work can be done similarly. Some other video editing tools are Wondershare Filmora, Runway, and more.

5. DALL·E 3

The image generator app DALL·E 3, developed by OpenAI—the parent company of ChatGPT—is remarkably easy to navigate and delivers impressive results. Integrated with ChatGPT, it functions by creating images from written prompts. Other notable image generator apps include Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, among others.

6. Splash Pro

Splash Pro is a music generator app that works on the text prompt. The application generates up to five music prompts, which the user has options to select. On selecting one of them, it provides a full song created or more variations can be asked. AIVA is also a popular voice and music generator app among users.

7. Mem

Mem is an AI-driven app that keeps track of notes taken by users eliminating the need for organizing them. The information gathered in pieces is connected and organized here. Accessing is also very easy. Notion and Personal AI are some other documents and note-organizing apps for the workplace.

8. Asana

A project management tool Asana offers an array of AI-powered features. The app smartly identifies risks and blockers of workflow to help managers handle problems before they occur. It is made to answer everything being asked about the related projects. Any.do, Project Libre are some other potential project management tools.

9. Fireflies

Fireflies is a great meeting assistant tool that transcripts voice into text. It is an important tool for professionals needing a track record for meeting discussions without the hassle of note-taking. Airgram and Krisp are some other significant meeting assistant tools.

10. Reclaim

Reclaim excels at safeguarding your habits, ensuring a track record of users’ weekly fitness goals or reading targets. Additionally, it protects the time needed to complete important tasks by dynamically rearranging your schedule.

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