Universal Robots Displayed Automation Solutions at IMTEX 2023

Universal Robots Displayed Automation Solutions at IMTEX 2023

Universal Robots (UR) showcased cobots for diverse industry applications and scenarios, at the Indian Machine Tool Expo 2023 (IMTEX), from 19th to 25th January 2023, held at the International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru, India.

Cobot Demonstrations

At the event, Universal Robots demonstrated cobots completing tasks commonly required in manufacturing and assembly environments, and solutions for evolving business needs in India (Booth no. 120, Hall 1B). Visitors at the booth experienced in-person, the power and force limiting characteristics of UR cobots, one of the key safety features ensuring that human and cobots can work safely together:

UR3e: Carrying a payload of up to 3 kg and with a small footprint of only 128 mm, the compact UR3e is ideal for tight workplaces such as bench-tops or inside machinery for light assembly applications. At the event, UR3e was fitted with vision capabilities to demonstrate pick and place tasks, where sorting a variety of objects and orientation is important.

UR5e: The UR5e is a lightweight and adaptable cobot, with a payload of 5 kg, that can tackle medium-duty applications with ultimate flexibility. At the event, UR5e was fitted with a screw driving end-effector which covers the process from screw pick up to insertion, since screw driving is a common process task. With this extension, a cobot can insert 6 screws in less than a minute, even in narrow and hard-to-reach spaces. It can also automatically detect missing screws, and communicate the status of the screw insertion with human co-workers, through visual and audible signals, with reliable, flexible and safe operations. 

UR10e: The UR10e is versatile with a payload of up to 12.5 kg, a long reach of 1,300 mm and a 6-axis robot arm, well suited for a wide range of repetitive applications. UR showcased how UR10e was fitted with a gripper to automate material handling tasks, relieving workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting.

UR16e: The UR16e handles an exceptional payload of 16 kg, especially useful for carrying heavy arm tooling and can lift multiple parts in a single pick, achieving higher efficiency by reducing cycle times. At IMTEX, UR16e demonstrated how the cobot can accomplish the job of machine tending at a level of performance comparable to a human worker. 

Commenting on the expo, Mr. Sougandh K.M., Country Manager of India, Universal Robots said, "India's automation industry is advancing as it moves towards being a key global manufacturing centre in the upcoming years.

The need for robotic automation is growing across all industries, and India, a country with a large workforce, offers more potential for human-robot collaboration. Cobots are ideally suited for automating monotonous and boring jobs, particularly for pick-and-place, deburring, screw driving, and machine tending applications. At IMTEX 2023, Universal Robots showcased a variety of industrial grade UR cobots, presenting manufacturers the advantages that cobots offer to the factory floor.”

UR+ ecosystem

Besides the end-effectors showcased along with UR cobots at this event, the cobot arms are compatible with more than 400 certified UR+ components globally. UR+ is the world's first ecosystem of 300 partners providing a vast portfolio of innovative components, end-effectors, accessories and software. Customers can easily seek out the right tool, that seamlessly integrates with their UR cobots, for their unique and evolving business needs

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