Texas Instruments to Showcase Future-Enabling Technologies at Embedded World 2024

Texas Instruments to Showcase Future-Enabling Technologies at Embedded World 2024

Texas Instruments (TI) announced that it will demonstrate new embedded processing and connectivity products for enabling a safer, smarter and more sustainable future at embedded world, April 9 through 11 in Nuremberg, Germany. TI’s exhibit in hall 3A, booth 131 will showcase the latest advancements in application areas such as robotics, energy transition and electric vehicles.

“Advancements in embedded processing are redefining the potential of industrial and automotive applications around the world,” said Amichai Ron, senior vice president, TI Embedded Processing. “Whether it’s a robotic arm, a software-defined vehicle or an energy storage system, a vast array of subsystems and features are enabling more sensing, motor control, communications and edge-AI capabilities than ever before.”

Empowering engineers’ innovations with products and technologies

TI will showcase how its innovative semiconductors, intuitive software and design expertise can help developers transform designs to make them smarter, safer and more adaptive. Highlights include:

Scalable processing technology for any application

Smart multi-display HMI systems with AI using scalable processors: TI is demonstrating how new embedded Arm®-based processors with integrated AI accelerators enhance computing performance and can run up to three displays simultaneously for even the most complex HMI systems, supported by a unified software platform for maximum reuse.

Microcontrollers (MCUs) for industrial, medical and automotive systems: TI has added more than 100 new MCUs to its portfolio of Arm Cortex-M0+ MCUs since their introduction at embedded world 2023, with options to match any design requirement for memory, analog integration or size, reducing cost and design time at both the component and system level.

Building smarter, safer robotics

TI will highlight the use of highly integrated embedded processors like the TDA4VM in the mobile robot safety controller (MRSC) of Amazon Robotics' Proteus autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The exhibit will show the importance of innovative semiconductors in safety systems for next-generation AMR applications.

Additionally, TI will display embedded technologies and reference designs for perceptive sensing, precise motor control, real-time communication and AI capabilities.

Power conversion, connectivity and control for energy systems

TI will showcase a bidirectional GaN-based solar microinverter using wireless connectivity to monitor the voltage of each inverter and rapid shutdown procedures through an Internet Protocol v6-based Sub-1GHz wireless network, and how to commission a microinverter through Bluetooth® Low Energy using a smartphone, all on a single dual-band device.

Another demonstration will show a tested and ready-to-use reference design for variable-frequency air conditioner outdoor unit controllers in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications. It illustrates a method to implement sensorless three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control for compressor and fan motor drives, and digital interleaved boost power factor correction (PFC) for meeting new efficiency standards with a single C2000™ MCU.

The fastest path to embedded development

TI experts will discuss the wide range of hardware, software and design tools available in the TI Developer Zone to help engineers easily develop with the company’s portfolio of processors, MCUs, wireless connectivity and radar-based devices.

Speakers at embedded world

TI experts will share technical insights in 10 sessions covering areas such as connectivity technology for industrial control, energy management, health care and millimeter-wave radar sensing for robotics. See the topics and schedule at ti.com/ew.

Embedded products to create a better world

For more than 50 years, TI has been at the forefront of putting innovative embedded products into the hands of engineers working to create a better world.

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