Noventiq Launches All-new AI Assistant ‘Weaver Peer’

Noventiq Launches All-new AI Assistant ‘Weaver Peer’

Noventiq has announced the launch of Weaver Peer, a revolutionary knowledge-based artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, designed and built by Noventiq subsidiary, Intellya.

Built on the commercial success of AI Virtual Assistant Weaver, Intellya’s conversational AI platform, Weaver Peer offers a sophisticated virtual assistant that places the power of knowledge directly into the hands of employees, adjusting to a company’s interactive needs.

The Weaver Peer architecture platform also includes advanced Open AI services, Azure Databricks, GPT 3, and Cognitive services, as well as other solutions. The platform is already available on Azure Marketplace.

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies often grapple with the challenge of efficiently providing answers to their employees' daily and business-related questions. Valuable time is often expended on manual searches or seeking help from colleagues.

Weaver Peer overcomes traditional resource limitations by providing real-time answers and assistance, streamlining business-specific process automation and knowledge sharing. Through a combination of generative and machine-learning models, Weaver Peer seamlessly integrates into the workforce to support employees in their daily tasks, including onboarding, training, compliance and numerous other business processes. Weaver Peer works across an employee’s preferred communication channels, allowing them to obtain information within seconds.

It offers a personalized approach tailored to each employee's role, placement in the company hierarchy, and adherence to policies. This not only eliminates the need for extensive documentation but helps companies to improve their efficiency and contribute towards the overall success of the business.

As an extension of the Weaver platform, Weaver Peer represents another milestone in the breadth of AI capabilities offered by Noventiq and will be available globally to support businesses on their digital transformation journey.

Herve Tessler, Global CEO of Noventiq, commented: “At Noventiq, we firmly believe AI will serve as the driving force for change in emerging markets, propelling them to surpass even some developed economies in the adoption of cutting-edge technology. Our guiding principle, 'Global expertise, local outcomes,' underscores how we leverage technology, including AI, in our clients' digital transformation journey. With the introduction of our groundbreaking solution, Weaver Peer, we are at the forefront of incorporating Generative AI into our clients' systems, elevating productivity, and fostering exponential growth."

Milen Janjic, CEO of Intellya, a Noventiq company, commented: "With the launch of Weaver Peer, we’ve combined the latest achievements from our AI laboratory with those of our strategic partners to empower enterprises with an unparalleled AI ally. Whether enabling the automation of long processes or deep integration with internal tools, Weaver Peer not only enhances productivity but also nurtures a culture of knowledge-sharing and efficiency. It is testament to our commitment to revolutionize how businesses harness AI for success in today's dynamic landscape."

Atul Ahuja, CTO of Noventiq, commented: “Embracing AI in our modern business landscape isn't merely an option; it's a necessity. By leveraging intelligent algorithms through our solution Weaver, and now through Weaver Peer, we open doors to unprecedented efficiency and productivity, fueling innovation and empowering our company to not only meet the demands of today but lead the way into the future.”

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