Netcore Cloud Collaborates with Google Cloud

Netcore Cloud Collaborates with Google Cloud

Netcore Cloud has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to offer seamless integration for its Email API and SMS API products. This collaboration will enable Netcore Cloud to provide its customers with faster, more reliable, and more secure delivery of their email and SMS messages. Furthermore, Netcore’s presence now on the Google Cloud Marketplace will make it available for all Google Customers to purchase the company’s offerings directly from the marketplace.

Netcore Cloud's Email API and SMS API products are designed to help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers. These APIs offer powerful features such as real-time delivery, advanced analytics, and personalized messaging, all of which can be easily integrated into any application or website. By integrating with Google Cloud, Netcore Cloud's Email API and SMS API products will be able to leverage the power of Google's infrastructure to deliver messages quickly and reliably to customers. Google Cloud partner Searce was a key enabler in bringing these services live on for Netcore Cloud. 

"We are excited to partner with Google Cloud to offer our customers a seamless integration experience for our Email and SMS products," said Kalpit Jain, Group CEO at Netcore Cloud. "By leveraging Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure and expertise, we will supercharge the speed and the effectiveness at which brands are able to connect with their diverse customer base."

“In today’s over-communicated world, it's even more imperative for brands to break the clutter and send the right message to the right audience. With the power of Google Cloud technologies, Netcore Cloud can ensure seamless and secure delivery from their SMS and Email platform along with deep insights enabling better communication to the end users.” said, Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director at Google Cloud India. 

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