Locobuzz Introduces ResponseGenie to Help Companies Enhance Customer Experience

Locobuzz Introduces ResponseGenie to Help Companies Enhance Customer Experience

Locobuzz has launched ResponseGenie, an industry-first generative AI-powered response management capability to revolutionize the digital customer support landscape and the way businesses interact with their customers. The out-of-the-box solution is designed to enhance customer engagement and experiences for businesses across the globe, enabling them to handle high volumes of customer inquiries effortlessly across all digital touchpoints.

With ResponseGenie, brands can ensure prompt, precise, and uniform responses in accordance with brand standards, while their social media teams can create better content more quickly and efficiently, even with fewer resources.

ResponseGenie is powered by Azure OpenAI Services, which brings the power of ChatGPT into a brand's customer engagement, and has already impressed early adopter Tata Neu with its game-changing generative AI capabilities. Nikhil Asopa, Head, Customer Service, Tata Digital said, “ResponseGenie is a good addition to Locobuzz Unified CXM for customer service. Its ability to understand the customer's tone and language, and provide accurate and relevant responses will be a good improvement to the overall customer support offering. We are keen to see how it can further improve response times, reduce the workload on agents, and enhance the overall customer experience.”

With the launch of ResponseGenie, Locobuzz is addressing a pressing business need. The new capabilities are perfect for enterprises to drive better customer experiences, facilitate faster responses, and improve productivity. ResponseGenie provides accurate and personalized response suggestions as per knowledge base and brand’s guidelines in real-time, allowing brands to streamline their customer service workflow and focus on what matters - their customers. The solution also enables brands to maintain the human touch by allowing a human in the loop to have the final say and make edits on what generative AI creates.

"ResponseGenie is a significant milestone for Locobuzz customers," said Nitin Agarwal, the Chief Technology Officer of Locobuzz. "With the unique blend of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Services and Locobuzz's AI expertise, we are redefining the approach to customer experience management. We look forward to leveraging generative AI capabilities across our product suite to transform the Unified CXM platform and redefine industry standards.”

“We are excited to partner with Locobuzz to bring the power of AI to redefine the future of customer engagement. By integrating Azure OpenAI services with their existing data and AI capabilities, Locobuzz has developed a unique platform that will help businesses deliver personalized, agile and differentiated customer service. We look forward to collaborating on this journey of shaping the next era of customer experience with AI.” – Himani Agarwal, Country Head – Azure, Microsoft India

Locobuzz integrates Azure OpenAI Services’ enterprise-grade ChatGPT technology with its private AI models in ResponseGenie to offer businesses reliable and high-quality AI-generated content. It provides businesses with the ability to streamline their content publishing and engagement processes.

Social Media team: Social media teams can create content more efficiently, with access to instant content ideas and customizable copy that can be adjusted to match the tone and requirements of each channel.

Engagement team: Digital customer service teams can benefit from ResponseGenie's AI-powered response generation capabilities, which simplify language, adjust tone and length, and even provide translation to over 100 languages. Additionally, ResponseGenie ensures high-quality responses with its built-in AI-powered grammar checks.

Locobuzz has established itself as a driving force in the realm of customer experience industry. With a proven track record of delivering consistent value globally, it has earned the trust of over 200 companies including Fortune 500 marquee brands across Hospitality, Telecom, Automotive, BFSI, Retail, eCommerce, FMCG, and Aviation sectors. The company's focus on cutting-edge AI capabilities for customer engagement and experiences makes it an early adopter of generative AI, having built augmented analytics capabilities using GPT-3 earlier. With ResponseGenie, Locobuzz takes another big leap in providing businesses with advanced AI capabilities for customer engagement and experiences.

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