Kids Footwear Brand Aretto All Set to Disrupt The Market with Patented Growing Shoes

Kids Footwear Brand Aretto All Set to Disrupt The Market with Patented Growing Shoes

Aretto has been awarded a Utility Patent by the Patent Office, Government of India. This Utility Patent was awarded for its sole technology that allows its shoes to expand up to 3 sizes to accommodate the growing feet of its wearers. This makes Aretto one of the first in this segment in the world to reach this milestone, allowing the brand to carve a niche for itself in the country’s footwear market valued at USD 13.49 billion in 2021. Aretto has also filed for Utility Patents for its sole technology in 20+ countries, including the UK, USA, and Japan to name a few.

Aretto’s Utility Patent is the second one secured by Satyajit after his previous patented innovation SquatEASE, an award-winning, ergonomically-designed Indian-style toilet seat with an elevated heel. He has received multiple patents across 23 countries for SquatEASE.

Designed for children aged 0-10 years, Aretto understood that while kids' feet grow in smooth millimetric increments, shoe sizes increase in steps. This means that shoes fit perfectly only for a brief period. Aretto’s first product range, Aretto Leaps, are intuitive, ergonomically designed kids’ shoes, which expand up to 3 sizes, always giving the perfect fit.

The brand leverages 3 key technologies. The first is SuperGrooves™, an ingenious technology that adapts to the millimetric growth of children’s feet. These Y-grooves are built into the sole and bloom open as and when the feet grow, without any manual intervention. The second is the Aretto Squishy Foam™, a soft memory foam insole that makes the shoes incredibly comfortable and reduces pressure on the feet. Finally, there’s the InfiKnit™, a 3D Knitted stretchable, durable fabric from which the shoes’ upper body is made. With 360° flexibility and breathability, Aretto’s InfiKnit™ allows children to wear the shoes comfortably for its complete usage cycle.

Commenting on his Aretto journey, serial entrepreneur and innovator, Satyajit Mittal, Co-Founder and CEO of Aretto, said, “After extensive research and development spanning two years, we are proud to introduce Aretto - a revolutionary solution to the ongoing challenge of finding the perfect fit for children's growing feet. We are excited to have been awarded this patent, which will allow us to continue disrupting the children's footwear industry globally. With innovation at our core, we are functional first, fashionable second, and sustainable through and through.”

“Aretto found a need gap in the kids' footwear market with a very prominent problem statement - kids feet are constantly growing so why don't we have shoes that support and enable that growth unhindered? We designed our products through an extensive sampling process, which lasted for over twelve months, to ensure that the final product is tailored to the needs of our customers. We gather feedback and suggestions to continually improve our products, taking a bottom-up approach to truly understand the needs of our customers, rather than relying solely upon a spray-and-pray model. This patent is a testament to our innovative technology and our commitment to ensuring unparalleled comfort for kids’ wearing these shoes.” added Krutika Lal, Co-Founder and CMO of Aretto.

Aretto’s technologies are also key to the brand’s sustainability efforts that facilitate minimal-waste production. The sole technology patent provides parents with access to cutting-edge, comfortable footwear options for their children. Designed and manufactured in India, Aretto’s shoes come in 9 styles and 5 sizes with MRP ranging from 2199 INR to 2899 INR. Our inaugural selling price starts at 1699 INR. The shoes are available on the brand’s website.

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