Infinix Launched ZERO 30 5G and Ground-breaking Innovations at 'Story On' Event

Infinix Launched ZERO 30 5G and Ground-breaking Innovations at 'Story On' Event

Infinix made waves at the ‘Story On’ event held in Venice, Italy, by unveiling groundbreaking achievements in communication technology and smartphone innovation. This coincided with the Venice International Film Festival, where the company was a collaborator in organizing the panel session "New Image, New Lifestyle. Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story".

Eminent panelists present at the event included Anish Kapoor, CEO, Infinix India, actress Jacqueline Fernandez, and film director and screenwriter Dalmira Tilepbergenova, along with Kobi Mizrahi, Founder, KM Productions, Roberto Stabile, advisor for international relations and head of special projects at DGCA-MIC/Cinecitta, and Yang Ying, film distributor and curator.

At the event, Infinix revealed the latest addition to its ZERO smartphone series, the Infinix ZERO 30 5G smartphone, along with the flagship ZERO BOOK laptop. Designed for professional-grade vlog videos, the ZERO 30 5G introduces a new category of mid-range smartphones. It features a front camera that supports 4K/60FPS video recording, comprehensive photography tools, and filters, offering best-in-class performance within an attractive design. These launches were accompanied by the highlight of the event, the unveiling of Infinix's pioneering Explorer Satellite Communication Technology, showcased through the ZERO 30 5G prototype.

The Explorer Satellite Communication Technology offers remarkable advantages in reliability, efficiency, and capacity, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in remote and challenging environments. This comprehensive satellite communication solution, developed by Infinix, has the potential to revolutionize communication and address various emergency rescue needs. Utilizing the advanced IoT low-earth orbit satellite network, Infinix has crafted an efficient message system architecture that enables rapid message transmission, averaging one message per second, with a baseline transmission speed exceeding 2.2kb/s.

The system can handle up to 1.9 million messages per hour, with scalability to serve even more users as additional satellites are deployed. This bi-directional communication system allows users to transmit up to 84 bytes of data at a time, enhancing connectivity in remote areas and during emergencies.

Infinix's strategic plan includes a phased global rollout of this technology, expected to commence around 2024, to fulfill users' security requirements during critical situations.

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