HP Rebrands PC Lineup, Reveals New Logo

HP Rebrands PC Lineup, Reveals New Logo

HP Inc. announced a rebranding initiative aimed at simplifying its consumer and commercial PC portfolios. This transformation not only streamlines product naming conventions but also reflects HP's unwavering commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and the ever-evolving needs of modern users.

HP OmniBook: A New Beginning for Consumer Portfolio

Under the new strategy, HP's consumer PC portfolio will now be united under a single prefix, "Omni," followed by a signifier indicating the product category. For example, laptops will bear the prefix "OmniBook," all-in-one desktops will be labeled "OmniStudio," and traditional desktops will carry "OmniDesk." Meanwhile, gaming PCs will continue to thrive under the renowned OMEN brand.

The inspiration for this reinvigorated brand comes from HP's rich history, with the prefix "Omni" symbolizing universality and the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that cater to every need in today's hybrid world.

HP EliteBook & HP ProBook: Reimagining HP’s Commercial Portfolio

In parallel, HP is proud to unveil the evolution of its iconic Commercial PC brands: HP EliteBook and ProBook. While preserving the brand equity and familiarity of these sub-brands, HP has streamlined its naming conventions for a more cohesive and consistent portfolio.

Communicating Performance: The Modifier Structure

To further simplify product communication, each device will now include a number in its name, ranging from 2 to 10 (with 10 represented by "X"). Odd numbers will denote consumer PCs, while even numbers will be assigned to commercial PCs, closely mapping back to the existing system. The numbering system will help customers quickly understand the hierarchy of the portfolio, with higher numbers indicating increased performance and advanced features.

In addition to the numerical designation, HP has introduced the modifier "Ultra" to denote its most premium offerings, as well as descriptive modifiers such as "Fold" for dual screens and "Flip" for convertible PCs, signifying the various form factors available.

Taking Next-Gen AI PCs to the Next Logo Level

To complement these changes, HP has also unveiled the HP AI Helix logo, symbolizing the integration of advanced AI capabilities in its next-gen AI PCs. The logo indicates devices and services across HP’s portfolio built with trusted HP AI Engineering to deliver powerful, meaningful, and secure AI experiences. The AI Helix’s shape is reminiscent of the structure of DNA, symbolizing HP’s commitment to embed the DNA of AI into its devices.

The next-gen AI PCs announced today carry the HP AI Helix, meaning they are unlike any PCs to date. The HP AI Engineering on these devices means they are built with unique HP AI experiences, such as HP AI Companion and Poly Camera Pro, and are equipped with protection against AI-generated threats – all on a powerful platform including a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) at 40+ trillions of operations per second (TOPS) and a next-gen OS. They’re purpose-built for the breakthrough AI experiences—local or on the cloud.

The branding transformation reaffirms HP's position as a leader in the PC industry, providing customers with simplified, intuitive choices that align with their diverse needs and preferences.

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