Genesys Recognized as Leader in Omdia Universe Customer Engagement Platforms 2023-24 Report

Genesys Recognized as Leader in Omdia Universe Customer Engagement Platforms 2023-24 Report

Genesys was named a Leader in the Omdia Universe Customer Engagement Platforms 2023-24 report. Genesys is recognised by Omdia as a leading experience orchestration company because of its all-in-one Genesys Cloud CX® platform, with capabilities rooted in rapid innovation, enhanced AI offerings and exceptional journey management.

Omdia states, “Genesys cements its position in the leader group by its continual focus on platform development both organically and through acquisition. Genesys has successfully built out from its strong CCaaS offering with a recent focus on adding strong AI/ML and orchestration capabilities.”

“Genesys is committed to empowering all organisations with the innovation and capabilities to authentically respond to their customers’ needs and deliver the end-to-end experiences they desire,” said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer at Genesys. “This recognition from Omdia reinforces our strategy to support organisations as they embrace the transformative power of AI to create differentiated and orchestrated customer and employee experiences for their business.”

For the 2023 report, Omdia evaluated industry players across the coordination and orchestration of customer engagement activities, advancements in technology and AI, and the ability to stay agile and responsive to evolving business requirements.

Many businesses today are challenged with tying together multiple point solutions to meet rising consumer expectations for seamless, connected experiences across a growing number of service channels. Customer engagement platforms are poised to help companies navigate this complexity and build deeper relationships.

According to Omdia, “Experience orchestration is a key differentiator for Genesys,” and the depth of the company’s AI capabilities were a decisive factor in achieving a 100% score in the Universe’s Innovation category and a 94% score in Orchestration.

Genesys AI provides organisations with a powerful foundation to improve customer and employee experiences through smarter automation, the ability to enhance bots to evolve self-service options, and solutions to mine deeper insights into the holistic customer journey.

In the report, Omdia states, “Genesys introduced Genesys Cloud AI Experience, a solution designed to integrate real-time data and customer signals to easily orchestrate proactive engagement across touchpoints. This removes the barrier of entry for most organisations by combining conversational AI, knowledge, agent assistance, predictive routing and predictive engagement into a single, integrated solution.”

More than 4,800 organisations worldwide trust Genesys Cloud CX to scale personalised, end-to-end experiences through its suite of AI, voice, digital and workforce engagement management capabilities. The platform’s extensive generative, conversational and predictive AI capabilities equip organisations to increase loyalty and drive stronger customer experiences through smarter self-service, intelligent automaton, personalisation and optimisation.

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