Epson Launches New #MakeTheSwitch Campaign For Sustainable Future In India

Epson Launches New #MakeTheSwitch Campaign For Sustainable Future In India

Epson has launched its global #MakeTheSwitch campaign in India. The campaign aims to increase awareness about the significance of energy conservation through the adoption of energy-saving practices and aims to harness the collective impact of individual efforts to contribute towards the environment.

According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 31% of greenhouse gas emissions originate from electricity and heat production. India, according to the World Resource Institute, is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, a third of which is a result of electricity and heat production in the country. The conservation of energy starts from using energy-efficient appliances both at home and in the workplace.

Epson has been encouraging the switch to its energy-efficient inkjet printers, which use Heat-free Technology. Heat-Free Technology is a unique innovation by Epson that eliminates the need for a heating element in the ink ejection process, resulting in significantly lower energy consumption. Unlike laser printers that typically require heat in the ink ejection process, Heat Free printing is a revolutionary technology that helps consume less power, compared to Laser printers, thereby saving money and the environment.

The #MakeTheSwitch campaign features a range of practical tips on how individuals can reduce their energy consumption, from using LED bulbs, opting for public transport, to preparing heat-free meals at home. Epson’s broader commitment to its Environmental Vision 2050 entails the removal of non-renewable resources and a push towards implementing energy-efficient initiatives. Every individual has an important role in safeguarding the environment and the #MakeTheSwitch campaign serves as an impassioned call to action for people to make a positive difference.

Siva Kumar, Senior General Manager at Epson India, says: “By encouraging Heat-Free Technology usage and by fostering energy efficient practices, Epson is aiming to redefine the interaction between technology and the environment. It is vital to bring greater awareness so that we can create a positive impact on this planet and secure a brighter future for generations to come.”

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