DoubleVerify Introduces DV Marketplace Suite

DoubleVerify Introduces DV Marketplace Suite

DoubleVerify announced the launch of DV Marketplace Suite, a comprehensive toolkit that enables supply-side and demand-side platforms, marketplaces, ad exchanges, and retail media networks to implement network-wide brand safety, fraud, viewability and contextual controls. DV Marketplace Suite builds on DV’s successful platform offering and introduces a new brand safety product, creating a singular point of integration for platforms to leverage DV’s industry-leading quality solutions.

DV Marketplace Suite is a comprehensive quality measurement and analytics solution that can be used by platforms to help maximize revenue and inventory quality. Its combination of pre-bid controls and post-bid insights is invaluable for supply-side and demand-side platforms looking to grow business with advertisers and publishers alike. In addition, today’s launch includes the widespread availability of DV’s Brand Safety Floor, a solution that aligns with the standards established by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM). DV’s Brand Safety Floor was launched to select customers earlier this year and has since been adopted by several of the world’s largest platforms. It enables DV customers to seamlessly align monetization policy to the brand safety standards established by GARM.

“DV has serviced global platforms with our best-in-class media quality solutions for years, helping to address critical challenges related to IVT prevention and viewability optimization,” said Steven Woolway, EVP of Business Development at DoubleVerify. “With the launch of DV Marketplace Suite, we are building off this success by creating a holistic solution that addresses the emerging need for brand safety insights aligned with industry standards. As a result, DV Marketplace Suite is the only solution that holistically addresses pre-bid and post-bid brand safety, fraud, viewability and contextual challenges through a single integration.”

DV Marketplace Suite is powered by widely accredited measurement technology that benefits both supply-side and demand-side platforms in the following ways:

●      Fraud Protection: Combined pre-bid avoidance and post-bid measurement gives platforms the most comprehensive fraud protection on the market

●      Viewability Measurement: Empowers platforms to make real-time and long-term optimizations for viewability across all of its inventory with thorough insights based on MRC-accredited measurements 

●      Brand Safety and Suitability: Helps ensure that brands feel safe with their ad spend with the industry’s first verification solution to align with APB (Advertiser Protection Bureau) and GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) standards, including DV’s Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability Tiers

●      Contextual Categories: Enables platforms to leverage DV’s contextual classifications, which are aligned with the IAB’s standard categories, to package premium contextual segments of inventory 

●      DSP Integrations: Provides advertising clients with solutions to effectively seek out fraud-free, viewable and brand suitable inventory

“Our partnership with DoubleVerify plays an important role in ensuring high-quality inventory in our exchange and empowering our customers to create and deploy comprehensive brand safety, viewability and fraud controls across campaigns,” said Jay Baum, Chief Data Partnerships Officer, Tremor International. “We are excited to maximize DV Marketplace Suite solutions to elevate our offerings and limit inventory waste.”

At launch, platforms using DV Marketplace Suite include Teads, PulsePoint, AdTheorent, Undertone, and A Perion Company, among others. 

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