TiEcon Delhi 2024 Recognizes Top Innovative Startups with Prestigious Awards

TiEcon Delhi 2024 Recognizes Top Innovative Startups with Prestigious Awards

TiEcon Delhi 2024, the flagship startup event by TiE Delhi-NCR recognized the power of resilience and innovation in the startup ecosystem with awards & recognition across categories. Themed ‘The New Bharat : Confident | Bold| Inclusive, the conference witnessed the celebration of entrepreneurial spirit, exclusive business networking opportunities, in addition to spotlight on exceptional startups.

TiE Delhi-NCR & Power2SME celebrated the 10th Season of the Spirit of Manufacturing Awards, honouring startups in the manufacturing domain for their remarkable achievements and innovations. The winners were awarded across 4 categories based on the innovative skills and the tangible impact showcased. Startups which won included :   IT Adoption & Innovation: Indo Wings Pvt Ltd. led by Founder & CEO - Mr. Paras Jain ;  Social Impact: Asli Ayurveda Wellness Private limited - Founder & MD, Mr. Mohit Sardana ; ·Woman Entrepreneur of the Year: Stuti Sidhu, Founder, I-Gro energy Pvt. Ltd.; Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Dheeraj Kumar Tiwari, Co-founder & CEO, and Mr. Himanshu Singh Raghuvanshi, Co-founder & COO at CapGrid Solutions Private Limited ; Special Jury Award: Barbrew Beverages Pvt. Ltd led by Ms. Ruchi Gupta, Co-founder & CEO.

Mr. R Narayan, Founder & CEO, Power2SME, said, “India's ascent as a global hub for entrepreneurship owes much to its pioneering innovations, empowering start-ups and SMEs. Key government initiatives like 'Make in India' and 'Skill India' have significantly bolstered manufacturers and small businesses. The Spirit of Manufacturing Awards, now in its 10th season, remains steadfast in its mission to laud exceptional ideas, products, and entrepreneurs in the Indian manufacturing sector. This initiative underscores the vast potential inherent in India's manufacturing landscape. Year after year, we pledge to spotlight and honour the ingenuity driving progress in this vital industry.”

TiEcon Delhi 2024 also played host to the 16th edition of the TiE-Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards, a platform that honours individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary resilience exemplifying prudence, agility & strategic vision. DigiBoxx led by the CEO, Mr. Arnab Mitra was recognized as the winner for exhibiting exceptional entrepreneurial skills in the digital industry.

Sandeep Sinha, Managing Partner of Lumis, commented, "Celebrating the 16th year of the TiE Lumis Entrepreneurship Awards fills us with immense pride. Over the years, these awards have recognized and honored the trailblazing ventures that have become category leaders, inspiring countless others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The TiE Lumis Entrepreneurship Awards have not only celebrated success but have also served as a beacon of hope for emerging startups, showcasing their potential and fostering a spirit of innovation. We look forward to continuing our journey of supporting and spotlighting more startups as they shape the future of entrepreneurship."

The conference also marked the 1st edition of the Startup CFO Awards in collaboration with Binary Semantics Ltd. The groundbreaking initiative was aimed at celebrating the exceptional achievements of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in the startup ecosystem. These awards acknowledged the trailblazers whose transformative leadership are reshaping the trajectory of modern startups. The winners were awarded under multiple categories :   Manufacturing Startup CFO of the Year - Ridhima Modi Agarwal, CFO of Kanpur Flowercycling Private Limited (Phool.co) ; Digital Enablement Startup CFO of the year - Shailesh Kaul of Signodrive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.;  Consumer Products, E-commerce Startup CFO of the year - Harsh Khaitan, CFO of Kwikpic ; ·  Energy, Infrastructure and Cleantech Startup CFO of the year - Vaibhav Anant, representing Bambrew ;  Governance and Compliance Excellence Startup CFO of the year - Ritika Khatua, CFO of Larkai Healthcare

Srijan Choudhary, Growth and Strategy Leader from Binary Semantics said, "India's entrepreneurial growth story needs their continued focus on harnessing technology to build strong, sustainable startup ecosystems. At Binary Semantics along with TiE Delhi-NCR, we are proud to be part of a transformative journey of acknowledging and honouring the visionary CFOs shaping India's entrepreneurial terrain. We congratulate the winners of this year. These recognize their spirit of innovation and strategic acumen driving the startup ecosystem forward”.

TiE Delhi-NCR’s Assistive Solutions cohort comprising Neomotion, key2enable, NobaFlix put a spotlight on startups committed to advancing the quality of life for differently abled consumers.

Geetika Dayal, Executive Director, TiE Delhi-NCR, commented, "For the past decade, TiE Delhi-NCR has played a crucial role in offering a platform for founders to present their innovative ideas. We are proud to support and cultivate young businesses in India. We congratulate all the winners of this year for their unwavering commitment towards bolstering the flourishing Indian economy.”

The 13th edition of Young Turks ‘TiE the Knot’ showcased high-potential startups pitching to a group of investors in a televised format. Startups with registered Indian entities in operations for at least three months, seeking equity investment between INR 1 Crore to 5 Crore, participated in the event, demonstrating the dynamism and potential of the Indian startup ecosystem. The finalists included Nexus Power, Insurance Samadhan, CoutLoot, Degpeg, Travsie and NymbleUp which pitched to investors.

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