Tech Start-up Fanory Onboards Azim Lalani and Saurabh Singh as Co-founders

Tech Start-up Fanory Onboards Azim Lalani and Saurabh Singh as Co-founders

In a significant development, Fanory, a JetSynthesys-funded tech startup that emerged from stealth mode in January, has onboarded media veterans Mr. Azim Lalani and Mr. Saurabh Singh Kushwah as co-founders to bolster its founding team. They join former Twitter India Head Manish Maheshwari in leading the platform, which helps digital creators monetize their craft directly through their fanbase better than any social media platform.

It is also noteworthy that Azim, Saurabh, and Manish, previously worked together at Network18 from 2016 to 2019. They bring valuable experience from their previous roles in the digital media space, providing Fanory with strategic insights and industry connections that can help the company expand. “This is the best team I could have hoped for. Having worked with them earlier, I have tremendous trust in Azim and Saurabh and respect for what they bring. With their joining Fanory in India, I would now have the bandwidth to focus on US expansion leveraging our learnings from the India experiment and move to the next trajectory in our journey,” noted Manish Maheshwari, Co-founder of Fanory.

Commenting on this development, Rajan Navani, Founder and CEO, JetSynthesys, says, "The next untapped opportunity in the Creator Economy is supporting torso and tail creators who struggle to monetize. Big Tech companies are struggling with direct monetization for creators since their platforms are technically built to serve users and drive engagement so that they can sell more adverts. I am glad that Fanory now has a well-staffed team to target this problem area globally.”

Azim Lalani, who previously served as the President of Digital Revenue at TV9 Group and COO of News at Network18 Digital, is an experienced revenue strategist and forward-thinking leader who has made significant contributions to the digital media industry in his career spanning two decades. He is credited with creating India's first personal finance platform, Money9, and was among the founding members of Firstpost at Network18. In 2016, he launched Firstpost Studio, where he identified a gap in monetizing creator content.

"The digital media business is unique in the sense that the middlemen (media platforms) have control on the lion's share of the revenue, unlike the ones responsible for producing the goods like in the traditional economy," said Azim, further adding, "We are trying to restore parity by partnering with the creators to give them a platform that gives them avenues to create carefully curated content in different formats, serving their fans delightful experiences and also making the most of it for themselves."

Saurabh Singh Kushwah is an experienced entrepreneur and product leader who has been developing and managing digital products for over 15 years. He has previously created OTT platforms for Zee Entertainment and led product initiatives at Republic Media and Network18.

"Monetisation for a creator is a massive challenge that is not easy to crack. It requires personalizing the experience for the user through interactivity. I believe these aspects, supported by our AI-enabled algorithm, help us tap all the monetization opportunities and reduce churn," said Saurabh.

He adds, "Our roadmap for this year includes working with content creators and brands to facilitate partnerships without compromising on the end-user experience. This can only be achieved by using predictive analytics capabilities to create premium offerings over and above the regular ones of traditional social media.”

Together, the team believes that their platform is highly scalable and will be effective in helping creators monetize. Fanory offers a comprehensive 360-degree transparent ecosystem for creators, including the ability to build their own Apps and Web Apps, making them the only company to cater to all creators, from nano-influencers to A-listers.

The company's mission aligns with the current trend of the creator economy, recognizing that content creators are the key players behind the expansion of social media platforms, and it's high time they receive their due portion of the benefits.

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