Palo Alto Networks Unveils Prisma SASE 3.0, Redefining Workforce Transformation

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Prisma SASE 3.0, Redefining Workforce Transformation

Palo Alto Networks announced its latest innovations to future-proof and transform the workforce with the launch of Prisma® SASE 3.0. Prisma SASE 3.0 now delivers Zero Trust to secure both managed and unmanaged devices with the industry’s first natively integrated enterprise browser, AI-powered data security, and acceleration of dynamic applications to perform up to five times faster.

Anand Oswal, SVP and General Manager of Network Security, Palo Alto Networks:

“Prisma SASE 3.0 is upending existing security approaches to close security gaps and address access challenges. The problem of securing unmanaged devices can not be understated, nor can the benefits of App Acceleration and data classification accuracy. We took an already industry-leading SASE solution and layered in the transformational capabilities to secure access for the modern enterprise.” 

In today's work environment, employees demand the freedom to be productive from anywhere, using any device, and accessing any application. Current legacy SASE implementations are falling short of meeting these needs, inhibiting innovation and agility. Prisma SASE 3.0 includes enhanced capabilities to combat many challenges enterprises encounter as they rely on data to drive business:

  • Prisma Access Browser protects organizations with a natively integrated enterprise browser that extends Zero Trust protection to unmanaged devices in minutes. AI-powered security identifies up to 2.3 million new and unique attacks every day. Since 2022, more than half of employees, contractors, and third parties access corporate data from BYO devices like personal laptops and mobile devices, according to Forrester. With Prisma SASE 3.0 IT professionals can monitor and mitigate threats in real time, safely enabling the workforce to use any device to access any application.

  • AI-Powered Data Security is the breakthrough capability in data classification accuracy for Palo Alto Networks' already comprehensive Data Security solution. The industry-first LLM-powered classification combines the strengths of context-aware machine learning (ML) models with the power of LLM-based natural language understanding to increase the accuracy of ML behavioral analytics to monitor and protect where sensitive data resides and travels. Prisma SASE 3.0 allows SaaS, GenAI, and cloud applications to drive business growth while securing corporate data.

  • App Acceleration provides up to 5x boost in applications’ performance compared to accessing them directly through the internet to help ensure maximum productivity and security. Prisma SASE with App Acceleration is the industry's first SASE solution that accelerates applications individually for every user, leveraging patented app-aware technology. Palo Alto Networks is working with leading cloud service providers and enterprise applications, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Slack, ServiceNow, Google, Zoom and SAP to enhance application performance, benefiting joint customers with faster response rates. 

Yulie Kwon Kim, VP of Product at Google Workspace:

"Google Workspace extends its industry-leading security capabilities with an ecosystem of market leading security partners to give Workspace customers freedom and flexibility of choice to meet their individual security posture requirements. Palo Alto Networks is a strategic partner of our ecosystem, and we're excited to see the availability of Prisma SASE App Acceleration and the benefits it will deliver to Workspace users."

Pablo Stern, SVP and General Manager of Technology Workflow Products at ServiceNow:

"The collaboration between ServiceNow and Palo Alto Networks, through the integration of Prisma SASE App Acceleration technology, leverages the combined strengths of both platforms, further enabling our customers to achieve their business goals more effectively. Palo Alto Networks is a valued partner whose expertise and commitment to outstanding performance and customer experience aligns with ServiceNow's mission to bring market-leading innovation to customers. We're excited to take our partnership to the next level to further shape the future of work in a secure and efficient manner."

Milena Talavera, SVP of Software Engineering at Slack:

"At Slack, we know it's important for users to be able to get the right information whenever they need it, which is why we're taking a collaborative approach to delivering an AI-powered platform for work. When joint customers integrate Palo Alto Networks' Application Acceleration technology with Slack, they can gain a significant performance boost and dramatically reduced file download time, while prioritizing security. We look forward to seeing how this integration enables users to save time and be more productive throughout their workday.”

Brendan Ittelson, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Zoom:

“Zoom Workplace, our AI-powered one collaboration platform, redefines how organizations connect and communicate, driving efficiency and effectiveness like never before. By pairing with Palo Alto Networks' App Acceleration for Prisma SASE, we're not just redefining how teams connect and collaborate, but also enabling every interaction to be safeguarded by industry-leading security and consistently optimized for the best user experience. It's this seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to offering the best user experiences that sets us apart, empowering organizations to communicate freely, securely, and with confidence.”

Prisma SASE continues to deliver industry-leading SLAs for security processing and app performance. Prisma SASE 3.0 and its updated capabilities will be generally available in the coming months.

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