Oracle Rolls Out New Update to Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform

Oracle Rolls Out New Update to Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform

To help HR leaders better support employee development, potential, and agility, Oracle announced updates to Oracle ME, the employee experience platform within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). The latest updates include Oracle Grow, a new AI-powered solution that connects learning, skills growth, and career mobility in one personalized experience to deliver self-directed learning, visibility into career growth opportunities, and skills development aligned with business goals.

Many organizations are struggling to understand the skills of their workforce, predict what is needed for future success, and close skills gaps. Employees are also struggling to adapt to changing business needs, often lacking transparency into what growth opportunities exist and not knowing which resources are best suited for their career path.

“Every organization is currently being challenged to achieve more with less and to do that successfully, they need to increase productivity and retain their best talent,” said Chris Leone, executive vice president, applications development, Oracle Cloud HCM. “A critical part of that equation is professional growth, but with the unprecedented pace of change around skills and business needs, this has become one of the most difficult areas for HR teams to support. To help our customers address this challenge and guide their workforce to achieve their fullest potential, we are introducing Oracle Grow. Oracle Grow is designed to enhance the employee experience and improve performance by engaging with individuals to discover new growth opportunities and empowering managers to align upskilling and reskilling with business priorities.” 

Oracle Grow gives employees a clear vision of the skills they need to advance in their current role, highlights potential opportunities from acquiring new skills, and uncovers possible career paths. The new AI-powered solution delivers personalized insights and intelligent guidance across all interactions from Oracle Learning, Oracle Dynamic Skills, and Oracle Talent Management in one interface. New capabilities available in Oracle Grow include:

  • Unified Growth Experience: Delivers the most relevant insights and AI-driven development opportunities that workers need to adapt to changes in their role, discover new growth options, and achieve their career aspirations. By unifying people data from across Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Grow provides personalized guidance on the next steps employees should take based on their responsibilities, career interests, desired skills, individual learning styles, and changes in the business.

  • Career Paths: Empowers workers to discover different career opportunities in the organization and provides step-by-step guidance and development plans tailored to each individual based on their Oracle Cloud HCM profile. With skills identification, tailored development journeys, and learning resources, Career Paths helps employees uncover and better prepare their qualifications for future roles.

  • Personalized Development Playlists: Helps workers curate their own development journey that is tailored to their goals and aspirations. The development playlists in Oracle Journeys enable employees to create unique goal-based content that provides guidance on finding coaches, classes, gigs, internal and external development resources, and more.  

  • Enhanced Team Skills Center: Enables leaders and managers to monitor skills needs and gaps across their teams and organization, assign specific skills needed to achieve business objectives, and automatically add them to every employee’s Oracle Grow experience.

  • Personalized Development Preferences: Gives workers the power to decide how and what skills they want to develop by catering to different learning styles and preferences. With Oracle Grow, employees can better determine which skills to acquire, learning topics to follow, careers of interest to pursue, and more. Changes to personal preferences are automatically reflected within their Oracle Grow experience and continuously updated as individual growth continues.

Natively built for the cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM is a complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire. By connecting all employee data on a single platform, HR teams have access to a single source of truth to help inform their people strategy. Built-in AI acts as an advisor to help analyze workforce data and surface recommendations to help HR teams improve business operations.

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